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Monday, December 28, 2015

Radio Compass FM 96.4

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and I think, "That's a good idea." So I sit down next to him, I put my hat out and I start singing in my best Scottish brogue. And I know all the words. And he tells me to scram. Because he didn't ask you to sing and he wanted to make all the money. Exactly, so we exchange a few words and the bastard jumps me! This scrawny little bastard, he jumps me! And we get into this major brawl right there on top of his bagpipes, and I got so excited, I my pants. BOTH: Ew! LAUGHS Well, needless to say, I didn't make it to my exam. And they kicked you out for missing one exam? No. The semester after that, I registered for courses. And that's when they determined that I wasn't exactly Harvard material. SWITCH CLICKS Jesus Christ! Girls? Girls? I'm gonna head out for a couple of hours. You get some good rest. Should be back before midnight or after midnight. Sleep tight. SONG: Oh There's something on my mind Won't somebody please Please tell me what's wrong? You just a fool You know you're in love You've got to face it to live in this world You take the good along with the bad Sometimes you're happy and sometimes you're sad One more time J' You know you love him You can't understand why he treats you like he do When he's such a good man J' Listen He's got me smiling when I should be ashamed Got me laughing when my heart is in pain Oh, now, I must be a fool But I'll do anything he wants me to game SONG CONTINUES FAINTLY DOG BARKS . Unchain the door, please. Where did you go? Unchain the ing door. We woke up and you were gone. Faith was really scared. Don't use the chain. If someone really wants to come in, they're not gonna be stopped by that dinky chain. It stopped you. I didn't really want to come in. Mommy's on the phone. Thanks. Thanks a lot. Hello. Everything's fine, Maggie. Nobody's hurt. I told them I was going out, but they were sleeping. What am I to do? Wake them every time I decide to go out? She's going to know he's doing a bad job. He's drunk. Do you think it's good for Mommy to know that? She's coming home a week early. SIGHS Yes, Maggie. DOOR BANGS PILLS RATTLE MUTTERS Lithium. Help me open the door! Now, remember, girls. Mommy's coming on Friday, so let's make the apartment nice and clean. You have to unpack the boxes. I'm just saying, we should all pitch in. They're your boxes. We don't know what to do with them. We don't ask you to clean up our room. Fine. it. Forget it. Have a nice ing day! ENGINE FAILS TO START Oh, for 's sake! Now what the hell's wrong? God game damn! Hello, old friend. KEYS JANGLE SQUEALS Daddy! Yeah, it's pretty good, huh? It's beautiful. We love it! Just don't look in there. Is that a machete? Big deal if it is. ALL SING Hitler has only got one ball Goering has two but very small Himmler has something similar But Joseph Goebbels has no balls at all game ♪..a game all! SONG: Oogum, oogum, boogum, boogum, boogum Now, baby, you're casting your spell on me game WHISTLES I say oogum, oogum, boogum, boogum, boogum Now, baby, you're casting your spell on me You got me doing funny things like a clown Just look at me When you wear your high-heeled boots With your hip-hugger suit Huh, it's alright You're outta sight And you wear that cute mini-skirt With your brother's sloppy shirt, huh I admit it, girl, that I can dig it And I says oogum, oogum, boogum, boogum, boogum Now, baby, you're casting your spell on me I say oogum, oogum, boogum, boogum, boogum game What are these shelves? AMELIA: Daddy built them. They're just shelves. But everything is on them. GIRLS: And not on the floor! Yes. AMELIA: When you knew Daddy at WGBH, was he the way he is now? He was funny, compassionate. He knew everything about the outdoors. He had a job, which was really good for him. He was a terrific lighting designer. But in the end, it was too much pressure. And I didn't know game I didn't know about manic depression. Besides, it was the 's. Everybody was having nervous breakdowns. So I didn't understand what a big deal it was. You're probably sorry you married him. No. Never. MAGGIE SIGHS It was so hard to come this weekend. I'm so glad I did. I think this is just what you needed, Cam. I think this is gonna be a great thing for us. SIGHS SONG: I'm gonna lay down my heavy load Down by the riverside Down by the riverside Down by the riverside I'm gonna lay down my heavy load Down by the riverside I ain't gonna study war no more I ain't gonna study I ain't gonna study I ain't gonna study war no more I ain't gonna study I ain't gonna study I ain't gonna study war no more. Ow! Daddy! This is what happens when you don't brush your hair for two weeks! Ow! FAITH: Daddy. If you're not going to do the dishes, then I'm doing them. OK. You're hurting me! I'm sorry. I'll do it! Oh, fine. You do it. Where are the sponges? What is wrong with that sponge? It smells! That's because someone left it soaking in the dishwater. I keep telling you girls, it needs to be rinsed and squeezed when you're through with it. It's probably five years old! It's disgusting! We are not the kind of people that throw perfectly useful things away. You won't throw anything away!

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