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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Radio Forest Gold

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We can't just walk up and knock on people's doors. Sweetheart. It's Boston. They're practically expecting us. Your great-great-grandmother and grandfather entertained the King and Queen of England. At this table, the Queen of England choked on a chicken bone while she was here. Uh game Mr Fabrini will be right out. Thank you. Now, upstairs here, there's a ballroom. And had these huge fancy-dress game Can I help you? Hi. Cam Stuart. My great-grandmother grew up in this house, and game I wanted to show it to my girls. I'm sorry, Mr Stuart. This is my home. I don't give tours. Mr Fabrini, this house has been in my family for more than five generations. My great-great-grandfather was born in this house on Boxing Day . And would your great-great-grandfather give tours to anyone who came along? Certainly, especially if they had a personal connection that went back over five generations, yes. Then he's a better man than me. Better man than I. Obviously, you're not in control of your emotions today, so I will return on another day to show my daughters what is rightfully their birthright to see. FABRINI: Right. Sure, Mr Fabrini. That was so embarrassing! CAM: Don't be embarrassed. He should be embarrassed! AMELIA: No! You're the one that should be embarrassed! Me? I'm not embarrassed! That man is an asshole! You are an asshole! FAITH ON PHONE: We want you to come home. I'll be home in days. We want you to come home right now. Honey. I know it is a big adjustment. I know. Why aren't you coming home this Friday? You said you'd come home every single weekend. That's what you said. I know that. But I have registration and orientation. Next weekend is really not that far away. I love you. BOTH: We love you too. 'Bye, girls. 'Bye. Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy, wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Daddy! Wake up! We slept too long and we're gonna be late for school! Quickly! Amelia, don't forget your backpack! We're gonna miss the elevator! ELEVATOR DINGS Hold on! Hold on! OK. Oh. Good morning. Thank you. Wait. You're Maggie's friend. Yeah. Hi. Cam. Hi. Becca. Kyle's mother. Pleasure. Nice to meet you. Amelia, let's go! I hate being late for school. Don't worry, punkins. You won't be late. Have some breakfast. The most important meal of the day. Amelia! Let's go! You know, I just have to say game Yes? My ex-husband would never do what you're doing. I think it's so evolved. You do? Absolutely I mean, most men would be completely emasculated by having their wife go off to be the breadwinner. Oh. Thank you. ELEVATOR DINGS OK. Go, go, go! You're gonna be late! I love you! Do you want me to pick you up after school? BOTH: No! I'll be here at :! BOTH: No! ENGINE FAILS TO START What game What the hell game ? What? AMELIA: Where were you? You said you were gonna pick us up at :! The car wouldn't start. You girls want to learn how to adjust a -jet carburettor? It takes two screwdrivers. You could do it together. No. Not really. Just don't be helpless. When I get that engine fixed, we're driving that thing to Mexico. Who's that? Ruth-Ann. Please don't introduce yourself. Why not? 'Cause you talk too much and game I'm just being friendly. Don't you want to know your neighbours? We live in a world with other people. Hi! Cam Stuart. Yes, Maggie told me. Welcome to Wieland Manor. Ruth-Ann McKay. Hello, girls. BOTH: Hi. Can we help you with your bags? Are you kidding? Well, stand aside, Ruth-Ann. Oh, thank you. See, girls? People appreciate a little kindness. That's all I'm talking about. I got that. Hi. Cam Stuart. Hi. Cam Stuart. I'm new here. Who was that? Hi. Cam Stuart. I'm new in the building. Apartment . Here we are. Do you need any help putting them away? No, this is fine. We'll just put the bags down. Are you sure? We're happy to help. No. This has been so helpful. Thank you. Do you need anything moved? A desk or something like that? No, I'm game I'm game I'm happy with where my desk is. I find mixing an arrangement freshens a space. No, thank you. I have to start dinner. So game if you'll excuse me. Sure. Do you want an onion chopped or something? I'm not using onions tonight. LAUGHS What's wrong with you? Why? You made her slam the door in your face. She had to cook dinner. She had to get rid of you! What are you talking about? I was being a good neighbour! You're an annoying neighbour! People will see you and run in the other direction! No, people are gonna see me and run towards me! Because I'm gonna show them that I am the kind of man that is willing to move heavy furniture or clear out a storage locker or give them a ride to the airport! Because I'm a good neighbour! This is bull! You don't know anything. I learned how to cook this on a Norwegian steamer heading down the Amazon. When did you do that? Summer after I got kicked out of Harvard. Thought you got kicked out of Exeter. I got kicked out of both, for very different reasons game So I'm on my way to my Ec exam, and I hear this bagpipe music, so I follow it into the Square, and there's this street musician playing Scottish ballads. He's got his hat out and people are walking by and they're putting money in it,

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