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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Radio Gateway FM 97.8

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The point is, Cameron, you and I, we had the best education, and I want that for our children. I do too, but months, that's a lot of routine. You can do it. And I'll come every weekend to help you. Every weekend? Every weekend. And you'll stay here with us? Of course. Yes. So we'll be like a family again? Yes. I'm afraid we need to intervene on our son's behalf and say no. He's not up to the task. I know he can do it. The doctor says I need more responsibilities, not less. You're a man. Even if you could, why would you want to? We just don't want you to tax yourself, darling boy. MAGGIE: We met with Dr Wendell. He says Cam made an excellent recovery from his breakdown, and he thinks that he can do it. Is this something to do with feminism? We're living at the poverty level. MAGGIE: The girls are going to a terrible school. Our children went to the best schools. It didn't add up to much. WOMAN: Our children are delightful! Absolutely, but not one of them is self-supporting. Well, Murray, lest you forget, neither are we. I think it's admirable what Maggie's doing. MURRAY: I agree. Very commendable. Don't we have some silver or some crystal we could sell? That wouldn't even pay for this meal. No. No, no, Maggie Stuart. You cannot leave your family. MAGGIE: Pauline, I'm desperate. We have no money. Here, like game like game What game what is this? MAN: We've been doing this for minutes. If you put this here, you have more room for everything else. Why does he keep rearranging everything? It was fine before. We have to go. We're heading into wretched traffic. I know we have to leave. I'm saying goodbye to the girls. Sorry, Peter. Me-me. Don't be upset. Honey. Who is this wimp? He's Carol Webber's cousin. He's moving back to New York with his mom. He's making you drive? It's probably better if I do. Cam, take a picture of us. HORN HONKS Hey! Come on. Cam! MAGGIE: Mommy loves you. So we have something to remember your mother by when she's gone. Faithie, listen to your mother. Everyone smile. HORN HONKS Hey! You're saying goodbye to your daughters. What kind of a cold-hearted SOB honks the horn? KISSES I know. Thank you. This is big. Thank you. You're welcome. I just wish I hadn't dressed like a big green bug. HORN HONKS Go. Seriously. Before I kick the living out of this guy. Here. Thank you. Thank you so much. Girls. I'll miss you. I know. I know. Say goodbye. Say goodbye to your mother. Come on, darling. That's my wife. We love you. STARTS ENGINE MAGGIE: I love you. We love you. MAGGIE: 'Bye. 'Bye! PETER: My brother had in this van last night. MAGGIE: Oh, God! We'll have to make a lot of stops. I have a very small bladder. CAM: Maggie! Maggie! Take the Wilbur Cross Parkway! When we went to Tom and game Cam! game Linda's wedding. What? Remember, when we were going to Tom and Linda's wedding and we were afraid we were gonna be late and took the back roads, we got there in the nick of time? I don't know if I remember. The Wilbur Cross Parkway! HORN HONKS At New Haven! Hey! I'll kill you! At New Haven. Shoot across the West to the Wilbur Cross! That turns into Merritt Parkway! OK. You can avoid Bridgeport. OK! The trees are twice as green! Fine! I love you! PETER: Who was that? We can go catch a movie. We could drive out to Plum Island and look for sea glass. We could go to the Museum of Fine Arts and look at Great-Grandpapa's portrait. Why is his portrait hanging in a museum? Because a very important artist named John Singer Sergeant painted it. Why? Why? Don't you know who we are? CAM: That is where your Great-Grandmother Gaga grew up. FAITH: In that whole house? CAM: The whole thing. It's the grandest house on Beacon Hill. Designed by Bulfinch, a very famous architect. How did they get so rich? Mmm. Railroads. Your great-great-grandfather was once the richest man in Boston. So how come we're so poor? Well, all of that money was put into a trust. Nobody could touch it, except for your great-grandmother. She controls it all, and she decides when to give who what. It's hard to explain. Would you like to see the inside? Are we allowed?

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