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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

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I don't want to go to Lincoln! They said we'll get beat up. Don't worry about that. I'm gonna teach you how to fight. What if my teacher finds out I'm lying? Miss Hendricks loves you. You're her best student. They said we're gonna get our 'A' kicked by Irish kids! You're not gonna get game MAN: Who said that? You'll be kicking 'A'! If you wanted us to go to the Peabody School so bad, why didn't we move into the Peabody School district? Amelia, because we cannot afford it. We are lucky we got a rent-controlled apartment. But Daddy's family is so rich! Yes, but we have no money! I send my résumé out every day and I get nothing. I've just spent my last $. You girls want to be poor and have a bad education? Seconds, anyone? Thank you, Cam, for this delicious dinner. It could be like this every night. Yes, that would be nice, but I need a husband, not a wife. I would like to be a husband, but my wife won't let me. Your wife would let you be a husband if you made it possible for her to just be your wife. He wants her to be a wife, but she insists on being a husband who makes me be his wife. TYPEWRITER CLACKS UPLIFTING MUSIC SPEAKS INAUDIBLY BELL RINGS What did he say? He said that we don't live in the Peabody School district and that you and Faith have to go to Lincoln. I'm so sorry, Mommy. Honey, don't. Please don't cry, Amelia. Don't apologise to me. He asked where we lived and I didn't know what to say. I know. I know. You did the right thing. I never wanted you to lie. He said it was illegal what we were doing. I know. I just game I guess I game I wasn't thinking, honey. I wanted you and Faith to go to the best school. What if Faithie gets beat up and it's all because of me? Faith is not gonna get beat up. She bites. Sleeping bags, pyjamas, stuffed animals, books, changes of clothes what am I forgetting? Toothbrushes. I bought toothbrushes. They can keep 'em at my apartment. And I found these two cardboard boxes. I set 'em up like beds. They're gonna flip. They're so excited. Do you want some tea? Yes, please. Oh. During the day, they can turn them on their sides and they become puppet theatres. You're going to have so much fun. Do you want some toast? Please. Now that I got my own place, Maggie, I mean, I'm happy to stop by and pick up the kids any time, have 'em stay over. Thank you. There's room for you too. Just kidding. Not until you're ready. Oh, it's good tea. Cam? Mmm? Um game I got into business school. Maggie Stuart, you are some punkins! I wish I had some of that bourgeois Midwestern can-do. A scholarship game to Columbia. Wait. You can't take the girls to New York. No, of course not- I can't even afford my own studio apartment in New York. So, what about the girls? SIGHS OK. Here's my proposal. I can get my degree in months if I do a summer session. And Jenny's mom can rent me a very small room in her apartment. So I go to New York. You move in here with the girls and you take care of them. Me? Yes, you. You miss them. And they miss you so much, Cam. I can get my MBA in months, and then I come back to Boston, I get a job and I move back in. But game but game but game I mean, yes. Yes. I know it is a lot. No, no, no, no, no. But game but game Uh game uh game uh game You know, the doctor even said that I would be game I suppose it'd be good for me to have game to have some purpose. A routine. That's what the doctor said. That's exactly what you need. Yes, yes, a routine. Putting food on the table. Yes. Taking them to school every game morning. Putting them to bed every night. Making sure they brush their teeth and their hair twice a day. The laundry. My God, that sounds like a lot. Cam, it is a lot. But we are sinking deeper and deeper into a hole. Cam, I have to do something. Do you understand? Oh, Maggie, you're right. I mean, that new school of theirs certainly feels like a bit of a reformatory. It's grim. And you and I went to good schools. We had piano lessons. I never had any lessons. But you learned to fence and you learned to ski and play chess game But I never had lessons. My family taught me those things.

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