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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Radio Bob FM Hertfordshire 106.7 FM

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What's with the suitcases? Get in the car. Maggie! I'm not manic. I'm fine. I just pulled out the canoe. I thought we could paddle up to Lincoln Park and forage for a picnic. GIRL: Isn't it too cold for a picnic? MAN: Maggie! I am a man! Men like to live free! That's what we do, Maggie. To hunt and mate! That's what we do! That's why we have balls! MAGGIE: It's OK. It's OK. Ah! It's gonna be OK. SUBS I'm sorry. GIRL: He's sitting on the ground and all he's wearing is a bathing suit. Your father's very sick right now. He's not himself. He looks freezing. Girls, look at me. I don't want you telling your friends or your teachers about any of this. MAGGIE: We know Daddy's a good person, and we know that he would never hurt us, but it's hard for people to understand that. And it's very sad. GIRL: "Dear Daddy, I took a walk through the woods today and said goodbye." YOUNGER GIRL: "Mommy had to sell the car, but we got to go to Dairy Queen." OLDER GIRL: "I hate that we have to move to an apartment in the city." YOUNGER GIRL: "I got a vanilla saucer dipped in chocolate. It was so good." OLDER GIRL: "Mommy says Bohemia is over, which I don't understand, "but I think it has something to do with making money." YOUNGER GIRL: "Lots of love, Faith Feather Stuart. " OLDER GIRL: "Amelia Lavender Stuart." DOOR OPENS MAN: Babies! DOOR CLOSES Hi. Want to go see Daddy? Go on. Go see Daddy. Little. Big Little. And I'm feeling much better. You are? Yeah. Your stomach is really big. Oh game That's the medication they put me on. It doesn't hurt. Hit it. Go on. Pound on it. GROANS Jesus! You gotta be careful. You never want to do that when Harry Houdini's not looking, 'cause that's how they killed him. Hi, handsome. I got you flowers. You're so beautiful. You look like your mommy. You need help? MAGGIE: How are you feeling? MAN: Mmm game I feel great. You looked better last week. Are they adjusting the medication? Yeah, they tried something new on me. It's game I want to sit down. MAGGIE: OK. MAN: I want to be home with my family. AMELIA: You will, Daddy. I love you. MAGGIE: We love you. AMELIA: I love you too, Daddy. Love you too. Thank you. The lights on the roof come in our window at night and it's too bright. I can't sleep. It's bright as day. I'll make a curtain. They're huge security lights. Like you would see at a prison. Amelia! I also wish we could have stayed out in the country, but there are no good jobs in Sudbury. Your job here isn't good. I'm gonna find a better one. Why can't Daddy live here with us? I hate visiting him at the halfway house. AMELIA: It's almost as bad as the hospital. MAGGIE: Daddy's still recovering from his breakdown. He's a way better cook than you. Faith! What is that? It's a flower. It's pretty. SIGHS FOLK GUITAR MUSIC SONG: Police officer, how can it be? You can arrest everybody but cruel Stack O'Lee That bad man Oh, cruel Stack O'Lee game RAIN FALLS My father lives here. MAN: How did you know how to get here? Came all the way from school? So, what's your plan? What's my plan? Mmm game My Plan is game to get out of this halfway house. That's game that's number one. I like it. Then I'll get a job and an apartment. And then you girls can come visit me and have sleepovers and I'll make crepes for breakfast and dinner. And then game I'll move back in with you and Faithie game and Mommy. That is, if Mommy will have me. I feel like Lucy visiting Mr Tumnus. Oh! That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me. Mommy says you have a drinking problem. LAUGHS I think if you could stop drinking and take your lithium, then Mommy would let you come home. Do you actually think Mommy should be confiding in you this way? Yes. GROANS Could we please go back to being Lucy and Mr Tumnus? These too. OK. PHONE RINGS Keller Brothers. Hey. It's for you. No personal calls. Oh, I'm sorry. This is a job! OK. OK. I'm sorry about that. Sorry. Sorry. Hello? MAN: It's me. Amelia came to see me at the halfway house today. Everything's fine. I'm taking her home to your apartment. How did she get there? Walked. All the way from school? I know I think we should try and find a therapist for her to talk to. She's gotten so good. That's fantastic! That's great, sweetpea. How's the job? Oh, the job. I can't believe I'm doing this. Oh. Oh! LAUGHS Forgot the laundry. We'll get it! Faithie! DOOR SLAMS DOGS BARK And creamy spinach. I just love spinach. Creamy little things are good. Hi. BOTH: Hi. You guys go to Lincoln? No. We go to Peabody. Peabody's the best public school in our city. We are not in the Peabody School district. If you live here, you're supposed to go to Lincoln, a school that is totally, % terrible. Unless you like getting your 'A' kicked by Irish kids. I don't want to get my 'A' kicked. Honey, nobody does. Well, we go to Peabody. You don't get it. What you're doing is illegal. And it's not fair. It's not at all fair. You guys are gonna go to jail. 'Bye! What if somebody asks me where I live? I don't want to lie. Amelia, Peabody's the best public school in the city. I don't care. I don't want to lie. You're not lying, sweetheart. Mommy's lying.

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