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Friday, December 18, 2015

Radio Heart 102.4 FM

Radio Heart 102.4 FM, Online Radio Heart 102.4 FM Radio internet, Radio Heart 102.4 FM UK Radio
l couldn't go over a speed bump imitates small motor So l just got a little dog. l haven't named it yet. l like the way white people name their pets. You name them after real people, like, this is my dog Benjamin. Hi Benji. Latinos we don't really care what we name our pet, we'll name it after any object. l went over my cousin's house, he says l brought a neat dog. He's right over there. Fierro! laughter Black people, they always get big old tough dogs. A pit bull barks. l've never seen a black guy with a cat. laughter l've never seen a black guy in the trees, looking for his cat, deep black male voice Where you are, kitty, kitty! Come on motherfucker, we goin' for a walk, ! Where's my kitty? Come on kitty, kitty?! Here, kitty, kitty. Here, kitty, kitty, kitty! Oh kitty, kitty. laughter You guys have been a lot of fun ! Thank you very much guys! Have a good time tonight, guys! Have a good time. Coming to the stage, a very funny man please put your hands together for M r. Armando Cosio. Thank you. Hey, what's up? Hey, how you doin'? l know, some of you are looking at me, saying Hey, didn't they kill him last week? laughter That's Saddam man that's him. They hung 'im. Yeah well the rope broke. Some of you guys are saying That guy should work out. Should jog after the ice cream man. That's what my old lady says. You should jog after the ice cream man. l go, Ha ha, real funny. You know l can't jog after the ice cream man. He parks in front of the house. laughter On purpose. He's right there, Hey, the gordo lives right here. Go ahead crank up the music, crank that up. Subele, subele. He's gonna come out right now. And when he comes out, we're gonna make them run and we're gonna take off. Here it comes, here it comes. Go! Go, go, go! And that's just the guy with the pushcart and little bell on the handlebars pring pring pring. l know how to stop them though. But hey, Jose, l'm gonna call the green man on your ass if you don't stop it. Okay, gordo, don't don't fuck around gordo, okay? Don't mess around goddamn it, you son of a hijo de tu pinche madre, ay goddamn it. l got childrens and everything so don't fuck. l give you credit. And l'm like, Alright, man. Give me a Choco-Taco. lt's a trip, man when on hot days he's got beer in there. This is a guy that sells ice cream to our children. l say, Hey, Jose, what the hell is the beer for? No, no, tch tch tch. He forgets how to speak, he just blows air. Tch tch tch ahh. Tch tch tch. mumbles Hot! lt is hot, goddamn it. lt's hot. l know it's hot but you got like a case and a half in there. No, cabron it's not just for me. lt for my friend the elote man. The corn guy. You know the corn guy, the elote guy, yeah? cheering Yeah. Yeah. cheering Same horn every neighborhood. squeaking horn sings out Elotes! Elotes! That guy he parks in front of my house too. Aqui vive el gordo? No, the gordo lives right here. He lives right here. Oh l got a special horn for him. No, not the unintelligible. No, no, a special horn for him. Watch watch. squeaky gordo, gordo, gordo Son of a. Man. And l've been married for years, so you know how that is. Yeah. Have to role-play with her and everything. The other day we had dolphin-style. You guys ever try dolphin style? Okay, dolphin style is like doggy style but if you hit the wrong opening she's gonna go, eee eee eee You guys have been a lot of fun guys, thank you very much. Orale, Bakersfield ! cheering whistling

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