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Monday, February 22, 2016

Radio 102 Touch FM

Radio 102 Touch FM , Online Radio 102 Touch FM Radio internet, Radio 102 Touch FM UK Radio
I have no right to see you You answer questions like, you can specifically talk about the past year, we have this happen I can not answer you, and you go If we do not cooperate with them and our opponents and they cooperated Damn now you know This is obvious this is over So go die you can save the Nobody say that, this is not my decision You tease me? I do not have I did not say any lie you are not think we do enough damage This is something you can not do what you want to use I will not do anything wrong I want to know you in the end who is standing on the position How much can you afford? Nothing wrong you need to find good This situation is unimaginable we know This is complete nonsense I really do not know what that means Yes, I'm just curious that money go up This is ridiculous According to the current situation continues we will soon be finished Can not well, we'll contact And so, this, you listen Maybe there is no way banks Maybe they deliberately do I think we have much more to buy stock what? No way we will do according to previous You tease me? Do you think this work? No, no No, no I mean really You'd better think about your posterior How's it going? Too Ah, this is too tortured people Now only wait and see But our loss is too great You explain that the current situation can not be profitable We must understand I have said before that the big banks have participated in it? Have it? You said you shut up The present situation is an example this is the crash Then you just explain to me the difference between stupid and illegal Nothing I think you did not see this system Yes, now a mess, but still have a chance Look at you Some of you are experts You still have confidence, right? I do not have We have to try No door Listen Whether we are not right If we're wrong, you have to find someone to pull us out I think it is wrong If we are wrong Who can help us? We have to go to Vegas What does this mean? Vegas Las Vegas, how? There are meeting next week Many have large bond trading This is a good opportunity It is a good time I heard where the food is good Then Go [Las Vegas] Hello Today good I did not think there is game it's too grandiose a You can go back to listen up The thing is more risky Yes, I want to remember this You have to meet great, my day Five years ago, things were not this many people The results so grand a few years later This is a place where there are many opportunities I think here is good really, where to find customers Start began left, left Gentlemen when we can meet them It's hard to say You know the meaning of the first of all, how about you this way? Are you ok? Yes, I came six hours of I hope you all is well thank you for your kind I like we have to collect information Need to pay attention to collect information You can do this? A little quieter good Well, I know Hello everyone Business is good Profit is very impressive, and we can continue to increase investment Yes, we lost a lot last year But this is acceptable Now, we just need to continue to intensify I have a question After answering questions,

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