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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Radio Ashbourne FM 96.7

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but I will let you say What's your business? How are you? Do you think our losses likely to stop it? I have to say is much more likely So we need to have the confidence to go game Excuse me Well zero, zero Possible loss did not stop at % Not possible I have to answer the phone you must be a small place to Ok I did not do anything now as I said game According to our current situation you really have guts Now you can guess things behind It feels great I followed up the past two years, and has been doing You are not worried? As it has been in continuous decline Let's not talk about this work that you bring us doing here? We should shoot terrorists Really bad Gee You can buy everything possible stock wait, wait My brother's ex-girlfriend came perhaps she can tell us something I know perhaps inappropriate, but you can reveal we do not invest in bonds Our budget has been reduced What are you doing here? I am vacationing By the way, your shirt is great it is how you enter these big banks? You must violate some economic rules no, no Hey, Fitch Hey, come here! He is an old man If the triple, then it is possible you crazy? Even if you know will rise? Exactly how is it? Louis, you can come early tomorrow morning it? That put up the big screen That collateral damage I will Dr. Baum? We can do survey? Honestly, I do not know Bomb must be removed We are not completely escape Or do you game Of course, it is impossible, right? Maybe the wrong people will never know See tomorrow morning good Even if the price does not work I do not think it is for you We wait until tomorrow morning to say it We need a bomb, so that they can not refuse Well, how can we do? Nobody would bet Appears to be %, in fact, is We all know that these may become I do not agree Listen, this This is -, can be paid in two ways Just now, I think you guys are clowns We can not get out But still very smart This is what most people never think of but we did We are interested in CDO Come on, guys, how? I have no opinion, I think the next double I do not understand you really will identify the timing It turned into a double I have what you want so much Fantastic, want to trade? Too cool, and this is what I want Stop, stop! stop! what happened? You know that you just doing it? Come on, we should celebrate Which means, if we are right we do If we are right, people lose their jobs displaced, deprived of pensions, pension This will result in , deaths, you know? No, I do not know you know? We're just very excited So do not dance Well are you going? I am afraid of ah You did great today I am very grateful This is your opportunity to try to hear well, this man? Is a CDO manager CDO manager? The real deal I see no need to manage CDO You should not underestimate the CDO you are an investor do? Investors Really? Yes but! But who would believe this to you? Suppose we have a good relationship You have a good relationship with him? We do business together That you created is the highest value of CDO yes You really can control up it fall? I suppose I can Ok That bank will lead you to what?

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