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Friday, February 26, 2016

Radio Lincs FM 102.2

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They give you money to do business You represent investors right? Correct But we are now in Jersey miles outside Then you can use a helicopter Very good very good Look at the situation is also good no, he was just curious Regardless CDOA or CDOB eventually become CDOC But we call it a CDO CDO You can now also become ambiguous CDO What ambiguity? They are crazy you no, that's cool He now seems to be the villain That say, tonight we have ambiguity CDO you can how much to invest? Fifteen million dollars what? This is Marc Baum Found What makes you so sure? Times now it can be called a bomb CDO At that moment, Mark realized that the global financial crisis will occur I know what you're thinking what this CDO [Dr. Richard] This is Dr. Richard can not even explain Okay, so to speak, I bet ten million Ten million represents a single mortgage Good, very good luck Serena She has a percent winning percentage say, my answer is right How could I lose, right? Now as players constantly pitching No matter what, will continue So the market will rise so, I do not think people will lose bet This is the first CDO I love Selena Gomez [Singer] She won fifteen million, I'll give you % into? Well, I bet Now, some people will bet that is the second CDO under their bet I bet the ladies take the cup win she might win Bet , Transaction Then there will be an increasing number of CDO this can turn into one million billion investment Are you ok? No, in fact I feel like vomiting I would like to say good-bye Obviously, you have my very biased So be it I tell you how much I value you tell me how much you value You're a big jerk! That bastard touched should suffer Are you sure? Where are you going? I'm going to look for salvation The percentage of how much? Unless you did this information which is already more than a year Why do you? I can not imagine I'm willing to help you Carmen no matter what happens, Mark You put me into now, I am in pain This really does not work This is terrible, so stop there she told me This really does not work I am very pessimistic Think about everyone my first reaction was to give her some money Everything is bad Mark, Mark, okay? All right, baby determine? Yes baby I'm fine As an investor, it must have a unique perspective on the market The current mortgage market mess In order to protect investors from market chaos against bad I think with investors further Sincerely, Michael Baum [I want to sue! ] [Ladies and gentlemen, in their hearts waiting for doomsday] Do not change the channel, I'm going crazy good Open economic channel on the line [..] We can not help but think the economic history of torture game There are more than thirty thousand workers facing unemployment occurred I want to call my mom Some warning to the media I can not help but enjoy these big banks can not have so stupid Worship, Casey She thought we would be better to sell what else? She said Stanley will buy hell how do you say? I said I would not sell [After the huge mortgage losses, two major fund companies face collapse] I need those files have been

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