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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Siren Online FM 107.3

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classified sent to you Well, you can go out You can not call me over one week? Sorry, Mark I lost a lot right, go to Stanley to have saved it Apparently I think this is very inappropriate Your current market position? You tell me, Mark what? Can you explain it? This contract may not take effect how? I know it's complicated, but still unlikely They can not they lose their jobs, displaced [Last time you asked me the same and does not change] Can you hear me? Now is the end like chaos will start over I would like to talk to Dad, right, keep your money He said I need to see a doctor They say that CDO is still running is really crazy! These people really go to jail! Now CDO is , you know their intentions yes, they stimulate them They sell them, and then go to another bank I have to go tell the media This is shaking insider It is not I know, I know [Wall Street Journal, American Avenue ] You want me to write articles, "we finished?" Right, the perfect title they give each client installation time bomb They all underestimated the impact, which is a crime Jamie, I have no bank will do so for many years on Wall Street Just because two individuals? Such a thing is not possible I really think you have a good eye I do not want to tarnish my reputation because you risk Thank you for visiting I've always hated you, you've been a jerk Thank you, your mom okay? Johnny, come on You see, this number is huge I later came Steven Gerrard, mess here, what happens waiting for us to conquer the world Sean, Sean Now one will buy more and more people want to be thrown It is good for us ah no, no, Alice, no, sorry [Global warning "Dilemma"] As I said before We have to get out this morning Objection to tax! Well, no you feel it? Want to hear it? Happened everyone panicked There are police officers looking for you I'm listening Marc Baum? The last thing we want to further discuss yes, I remember you said you've blocked But now they suddenly have interest I do not know how you want me to say I think I think you'd better shut up This is nonsense! Thank you Thank you so Come on, I think you've heard Congratulations Thank you play happy? Yes I just want you to know But this time did not loss you all into consideration? Because I've heard a lot of his losses Come on, you know our problems, how serious? Great years ago, Danny had already done it very clever Danny No, he does not he a clever his security measures are in place He felt he could not be affected Tell me, Stanley did not this contract Go to hell I think for so long, the result is Stanley That is, I You calculate roughly billion? Not to mention more than and I can not answer No, you can answer because a lot of people crying out You tell me everything is fine, the result is not good what happened? Probably Oh, you can have hundreds of thousands displaced My day We Stanley unrelated Right, talk to the bank and the courts say He lost all crazy That we do some gambling? Let's wait and see We have thrown all of cents, not bad ah That three times less no choice I can not accept, Finney or it may be futile Come on,

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