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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

BBC Radio Lincolnshire FM

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Just because you don'tknow anything about me... ...don't blame my teacher! You've never evenbothered to watch me! Forget it. What's important is- Never mind that. You know what important daythis is, don't you? If you forget my kid sister's birthday,I will never forgive you. Excuse me... Oh, Katasuke... As the head ofthe Scientific Ninja Tools Team, I have a request,Lord Seventh. What is it? For the upcoming Chunin Exams, we would like your authorizationto use the scientific toolsdeveloped by our team! Then the Genin won'thave to go through harsh training... and they can widenthe scope of their individual Ninjutsu! Their performance will alsobe more elaborate. And if we marketthem to other villages, The outside income willbenefit the Hidden Leaf Village. No! The Chunin Exam is not a performance. The purpose is tonurture Shinobi. I see... I'm sorry I bothered you. This isn't the lame erayou grew up in, Dad. Hey, Boruto! Wait! I was about to give him theapplication for the Chunin Exam! Here you go. Thanks again. Don't forget the new software too. You know I won't. By the way, Young Lord,are you taking part in the Chunin Exams? Nope. That's a shame. I'm sure everyonewants to see your skills. Especially your father. The Hokage is in the audienceduring the Chunin Exams? Of course. BORUTO, LEVEL MAX So, you're also a genius in video games. CHUNIN What do you want, Mitsuki? I already said I'm not interested! Konohamaru-sensei asked us to come. We need a team with people, in order to qualifyfor the Chunin Selection Exams. If you don't apply,we can't take part. I don't care. My dream is to become the Hokage. Are you going to destroy my dream?! I... ...don't wanna be Hokage! The Hokage's positionisn't hereditary. Fine. You canbecome Hokage, then. But stay single for the rest of your life! A Hokage is a nuisanceto the people around him! Boruto, we need a third person too,or we can't advance... We don't have a chance tobeat the next boss without you. Then, I'll give you my data. This one hasshortcuts and is really easy. Uh, I don't really want that. It's okay.Someone gave them to me. What?! It's a cheat. Huh? You leaving? Yeah... This is only fun because I have to sneak away fromMom to play it. Oh well, I'd better go too. We should at leasthave our applications... Look, we are a team.Can we talk about this? Come on, Boruto. Let's show Lord Seventhwhat we've got! In these exams! I'm sure everyonewants to see your skills. Especially your father. Okay already. You want me to participate?Fine, I'll participate. He's so simple. Oh yeah, Sarada your dad coming to watch? Who cares about someonewho couldn't become the Hokage...? You're wrong.My father used to say, ... that Uncle Sasukeis the other Hokage. He's just being modest! Sasuke is the only Shinobiwho could rival the Seventh Hokage. That's according to my parents, who's even more awesomethan both of your dads. What is it? Oh yeah, who are your parents anyways? You've never told me either. Well, it's - Big Brother! Today is my birthday!Hurry up and let's go home! OK! Sorry, I have to go!

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