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Thursday, March 3, 2016

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Hurry up, brother!- Mom, I'll hold the bags. Himawari, we're gonna feast tonight. So Boruto does know how to smile. Uh-huh. Hey! So you remembered. Happy... birthday... to you You're a precious person... ... and it's your birthday. Congratulations! A Shadow Clone... Boruto! Boruto! Let me go, Mom! Your father has to workhard for the people of the village. It doesn't mean he's forgotten about the two of you! Why?! Why did my dadhave to be the Hokage?! He just sits at his desk all dayand acts bossy! Anyone can do it! Being the Hokage is a tough job. It's an indispensable duty,crucial to the survival of the village... passed down throughout the generations. And the children of the Hokageare expected to be grateful for being born intothis stupid situation, huh?! Oh yeah, I heard our grandpawas also the Hokage. And when Dad was a kid Grandpa Hokage wasn'teven alive! So I guess Dad's lucky,he never experienced the "Joy" of having a parent around. I know it's sad not to have your fatheraround on important days. But it's different with you. You have afather who's here. It's not about me... But Himawari... Forget it. I messed up again... Dad... What am I supposed to do? Hey, what happened?! Let me clean up. You should go home and rest. It's so dirty... and tattered. But it's different with you. You have afather who's here. This is so uncool! Could it be? Is Dad home? I'm sorry. I thought you were my Dad... You're Naruto's son? What is your name? Uzumaki Boruto... Is that you, Sasuke? Is Naruto here? I think he's stillat the Hokage's office. I see... Sorry I bothered you. He's the one who'sDad's rival... He's really cool! What's this? A gift from Kaguya palace. Sasuke! I'm getting a bad feeling about this. I can't evenread it with my Rinnegan. There is also a guy who worries me. He didn't follow me though. Well, I guess I'm not going home. Let's figure out whatthis scroll says. Oh yeah. Why do you have it? I picked it up on the way here. Oh... I also met your son. He seems just likeyou when you were young. Well, he's nothing likehow I used to be. He's a lot more like youwhen you were young. No. I take that back... He's different from you as well. The clothes he wearsalways look brand new. I guess we're just behind the times. You're wrong. The soul of a Shinobi remains the same. That applies to your son too. I doubt it ... By the way, I think Iwin this contest. You're one to talk, loser. He disappeared! You're amazing! You used to be my dad's rival, right? I get it now ...Brand new, huh? Please make me your disciple! There is something I want tobring down, no matter what it takes! Can you do the Rasengan? If you can't,you can not be my disciple. That's a piece of cake! Naruto ... That Contest earlier,isn't over and decided yet. Konohamaru-sensei! Konohamaru-sensei! What's all this, eh? Please teach me your Rasengan! I've got the hang of it now! So you want to learn itfor the Chunin Exams and shock the Seventh Hokage. Really? Now you're talkinglike a Shinobi! Well... yeah. Imagine me,a teacher who gets to pass on this jutsuto the

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