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Saturday, March 5, 2016

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Hokage's son! Oh, Mr. Fourth Hokage,Mr. Seventh Hokage ...! I swear, I'll finishthis very important task! What happened to yourenthusiasm from earlier? Come on, once more. Look at me carefully,then you do it like this, eh? I know. I know! But this does not work at all, eh! Don't talk like me! No... "eh" means this. "Eh" means this in my hand... Quit saying eh, eh, eh! Speak for yourself! And why does it have to be a water balloon?! Isn't there a better wayto do this?! It took three years forFourth Hokage to master this Jutsu ... ... and another six monthsto perfect it. Going by how difficult it is to master, This is an A-Rank Jutsu. Damn!Still no good! I did it! Congratulations! All right, to the next stage ... What? A Rubber Ball this time?! No! No way... eh! All right! UCHIHA That's awfully small! I'd be hard-pressedto call that Rasengan. But the basics are - Damn! You're alwaysso strict, Dad. Since you probablydon't know Boruto very well. Let me tell you...Boruto usually isn't like this. It's a miraclehe even managed this far. You get it, don't you? He jumped to the wrong conclusion. I didn't say he failed. I was going toaccept him as my student... Special Sale,all goods % - % Off and double the points right now. Damn. If you register on,you get three times the points! What's the problem? So... That's terrible. But I've got just the thing for that. It's and easy to use. And you'll getexceptionally good results. And this is... ...what the Shinobiof your generation looks like. Don't you agree? Now Young Lord... Let's choose the ultimate techniquethat's perfect for you. When did I become so dirty? OK! Rasengan! Hey! Hey! So what do you think? That's all from only one day? I'm not like my Dad ...when it comes to talent. It seems you're quite different from Naruto. I had hoped it wasn't the case. So? What do you say?About making me your pupil? Fine... You can be my disciple. Tell me about my father. When he was a child, all he didwas go around saying he'd become the Hokage. He was quite the loser. A loser? And very stubborn. No. Not that! I want to know my dad's weaknesses, you know! Weakness? Listen... He was full of weaknesses.He was a good for nothing. But he puddled himself upwith his own strength... ...and become the Hokage. You do not need to understand whoNaruto is now. You need to know the Narutowho made it all the way here. What's that supposed to mean? It's finally time! Good luck and do your best! You're awfully lively this morning, Mom. Does Dad coming home after such a long time make you so happy? What? Don't be silly! Well, I can tell these things about you, Mom. Anyways, I'm off! You're just as happy, Sarada. You win the bet with my father, Boruto. W-Well, yeah. So what will you donow that you're my dad's disciple? I want to learn about the weakness of my father. I don't mean tocriticize you or anything... But before youchallenge Lord Seventh... ...we have to become Chunin. Do you understand? That's why I want to trainand learn from Uncle Sasuke... ...and show my dad my power atthe Chunin Exams! The power that'sgonna topple him some day! It's "Our" power! Really, what are you thinking? Isn't it obvious? I'm thinking we're gonnacome out on top at the Chunin Exams. CHUNIN I don't mean tocriticize you or anything... But sometimes,you're not that irritating. Please don't forget about me, okay? I didn't expect the chakra to bedispersed in this manner. The Divine Tree has been cut down,and there is no sign of Kaguya. It seems the creatures of this planet have gained unnecessaryknowledge. We'll just have toretrieve it one by one. Take this! I'll give that back to you, doubled. Imagine that... High density Chakra in hmansin the form of beasts. Is that all? Well, I did use most of the pillswhile traveling through time-space. Lord Momoshiki, there is an evengreater reaction to the east. I believe the massive accumulationof Chakra that we seek is there. How's that? You're able to bend it a little now. The next one is that. How am I supposed tobend it that far? Use your head a little,

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