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Monday, March 7, 2016

High Peak Radio FM

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and don'texpect an immediate answer. I know. You must be victorious Boruto,no matter what happens! When you're in a bind, Scientific Ninja Toolswill come to your rescue. No need to think so hard. Is he even going to try? Well, he's my son,so it can't be helped. We will now begin the Chunin Selection Exam. Everyone, this is the time to utilizeeverything you have learned so far! Just watch, stupid old man radio I'm gonna make it to the endusing my strength. All right, we'll begin the first round. Every team of three will stand on the side they believeis the correct answer. This is the question! TRUE OR FALSE, THE PASSWORDS IN VOLUME ARE"MOON IS DAY, MOUNTAIN IS RIVER, FLOWER IS NECTAR. In the fifth volume of the "Shinobi Strategist Detective Story", The Three Passwords that appear are as follows: Moon is Day Mountain is River Flower is Nectar - True or false?- I do not know that story! Sarada, you know this novel? Sort of radio radio but I only read up to volume . I didn't even knowthat there was a fifth volume. Then we might as well give up. At least give an educated guess, Mitsuki. Boruto, whichdo you think my father would choose? Probably False. He's not the conventional type. But hey, what's this all of a sudden? I plan tobecome the Hokage by choosing a differentfrom my father! Then we should go for true, right? Yeah! let's go, guys! All right, you've alldecided on your answer. The wrong answer is In other words,those who turn black will fail. What do you mean by "turn black"? You'll see. The answer is radio We got it wrong! Damn! Ink! It's a pool of ink! I get it. Damn! Is it over? What do you mean? Is that the "false" hole? This "True or False"choice probably has no meaning. The Quiz was a hoax from the beginning! There was no fifth volume! Those who fail will turn black radio Those were his words. So long as youdo not turn black, you're safe. It's exactly the kind of awkwardand oblivious test my dad would make. Precisely! After seeing the pool of inkand realizing your mistake, if you gave up and letyourself plunge into black ink radio You do not deserve to be a chunin. The main objective of the First Roundwas to see the second answer you were forcedto make instantly after. being driven into a difficult situation radio Whether you gave up or not. Those who didn'tfall into the ink are correct. This marks the end ofThe First Round of the Chunin Selection Exams! The second round will start in three days! All right! We did it! He managed to make it through somehow. Boruto's Team made it through the first round. Oh radio Are you still thinking aboutabout last time? I'm one to talk, but radio radio perhaps you shouldgive him a pep talk? CONGRATULATIONS PASSING THE FIRST ROUND.GOOD LUCK ON THE NEXT ONE!- DAD. An e-mail? He didn't even send a shadow clone? Stupid old man. Everyone knows Shuriken Jutsuis Sarada's specialty! I mean radio she's your radio She's an Uchiha, after all! According to your reasoning, Boruto radio This jutsu should be your specialty as well. I guess so radio This was Dad's specialty, right? You can not make any more excuses. Naruto can make overa thousand shadow clones. I know that! I'll blow them awayduring the Second Round! Shadow Clone Jutsu! I guess four is still my limit. The Second Round consists of capturing a flag. Guard the flag in your territory whileyou encroach on enemy territory. Namely, this is an offensive and defensive battle! It's three against three so, Half the teams willbe dropped after this round. Most of the matchesare over. There's just one set of teams left. I don't see the enemy,are we okay? I'm guarding our flag.So relax and just attack! We're counting on you, Boruto! If we're going to show theSeventh Hokage how strong we are, we have to make it through the second round. I don't need you to remind me. Your surprise attack didn't work. Five against three. You know who has the advantage, right? Who has the advantage now? Sarada! Go! I'll join you later! Boruto! There's no water around,but he has a water style this powerful?! He even knows radio Lightning Style? I'm fine now. Sarada! Grab the flag! That's what I'm doing. We did it! I guess we managed somehow. Yeah radio it was a piece of cake. As expected, Boruto radio You're a Shinobiwho's going to be the Hokage someday. Excuse me!But that's gonna be me! He's good. I couldn't evensee him weaving signs. Leave it to the son of the Seventh Hokage radio Okay, that makes four teams. This round has ended. Thanks, Shino.You've been a great help. He got past the second round as well. It seems that he used it this time around. I see radio Did you get footage of it? Yes. Next is the third round. Yeah radio Boruto! This means that radio eventually radio Lord Seventh will getto witness how strong we are! Can't you be a little more excited? I-I know! I knew it. Your eyes are bluerthan the Seventh's radio Really? They are! I'm sure of it! You pay close attention, don't you? Ask him toshow you next time. Lord Seventh is nice,so he won't say no. Uh, yes? I'm impressed. About what? Boruto and his team, of course. They made

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