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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Radio HFM 102.3

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t through the second round. They succeeded, huh? Well, see you later. You came all the way here justto tell me that? Well, it's important news. By the way, Shikadai's Team also managed. We just might see abattle between our sons! Is it going to take moretime to decipher? Sorry, looks like they hit a snag. I see radio I'll come back later. Sasuke radio I heard you're training him. Did Boruto tell you that? No radio Konohamaru did. I see radio Maybe you were right. The soul of a Shinobi remains the same. I believe that to be true. I'm home. Welcome home! Congratulations, big brother! I just past the Second Round.It's no big deal, you know! Are you hurt? I'm fine. But I I'm tired, so I'm justgoing up to my room. I don't need any dinner, either. KNOCK BEFORE ENTERING! H-Hey! I said I don't need any dinner. What is it? D-Dad! So radio I heard you had passed the Second Round. Y-Yeah. I radio umm radio What is it? If it's nothing, can you go? You radio You did well. Well, see you later. You came just to say that? Well, it's important. It's very important. Oh, one more thing. W-What? Don't lose to Shikadai! I won't lose. I'll be watching. See you later. If that's all he had to say,he could have just e-mailed. Stupid Old Man. It's time. Yes. I'm sure you are all well aware radio radio but the Third Roundconsists of individual battles. You will probably face a teammatewho knows your skills. You will have three matches.The winners in radio radio in blocks A, B and Cwill battle in a three-way final. Are you ready? - Yes!- Yes! UZUMAKI BORUTO VS YURUI The Third Round of theChunin Selection Exams will now begin. Challengers, step forward! Uzumaki Boruto ofthe Hidden Leaf and radio Yurui of The Hidden Cloud. First Match, begin! You're all going down inone fell swoop. "One fell swoop"? It means you're gonna lose. Then just say it anddon't beat around the bush! Maybe I'll stop beating around the bushwith this match. Like I'll let you! It exploded? You did well. I'm not gonna radio radio lose here! It won't reach all the way here. How did hebend it that much? Sorry radio but it looks likeI took you down in "one fell swoop." Um radio Was it Charai (Flashy)? It's Yurui. Winner, the Hidden Leaf'sUzumaki Boruto! He won! He Won! The kid's good. All right, I'll win too! Cha! Aww yeah! SARADA - TARUI TOROI - MITSUKI INOJIN YAMANAKA Vs. ARAYA UZUMAKI BORUTO Vs. SHIKADAI NARA Seventh Match radio Begin! Shadow Clones? It would be great if you gave up soon. I give up. Doesn't this scene look familiar? It'll be our turn to take the stage soon. That young fool wields it nicelywithout exposing himself. The winner is Uzumaki Borutoof the Hidden Leaf. He moves onto the final! Yes! Amazing. What's the matter, dear? Hinata radio Use your Byakuganand check out Boruto's hand. This is what wedeciphered from the scrolls. - My suspicions were right on the mark. - Is there something wrong? We have to let Naruto know immediately. Unfortunately, we'll need to postpone the exams. Well? It's some kind of Ninja Tool. It seems he had it attached to his arm. Is it -? What's with the Hokage? He's so proud of his son, he couldn't stop himself fromgoing out there. There's a dotingparent for you. Dad, did you see that? Next up is the final round! What's this about? This is radio This is prohibited in the exams. Using a Ninja Toolinstead of your own Chakra defeats the purpose of the Chunin Exams which is to nurturenew Shinobi. Lee, Uzumaki Boruto is disqualified radio Please change the winnerto Shikadai Nara. He's been exposed. We have no choicebut to act now. Uzumaki Boruto has been disqualified radio for using an illegalNinja Tool! - He didn't fool around, did he?- Therefore, the winner is radio - Violating a rule like that.- Shikadai Nara from the Hidden Leaf. So this is what it's like radio to have an idiot son whodrags the Hokage's name through the mud. You're kidding radio ? Since when did he have it? Boruto radio You're disqualified for notfollowing the rules. What happened to brother? Did he do something wrong? Boruto radio Follow me. We are in the middle of the exam. We'll talk later. We'll talk later? Do you even have the time for that, Father? If you had taught meall this before, I radio I would never radio end upin a situation like this! He's right, you know. Boruto can't win, radio and we were very disappointed,Lord Seventh. Honestly radio radio I wanted to makethis announcement after he won. You guys! Everyone, hear this! Boruto useda Scientific Ninja Tool. It is banned here radio But, there is no denyingthat this Scientific Ninja Tool radio radio made it possible forhim to reach this point! Katasuke! That's why! The Five Kageand people from all the villages radio radio .this was the perfect venue to demonstratethis amazing Scientific Ninja Tool and - Get behind me radio quick! Hey, hey!What's with you guys?! Don't approach them! This arena is whereI show off my radio Our top priority is toprevent any casualties. I can see theFox with my Byakugan. It's dangerous here,go to where the others are -! This child is the lastone remaining.

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