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Friday, March 11, 2016

Corby Radio FM 96.3

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Take care of her. I'm going to check over there. Sarada! Dad?! You don't seem to be hurt. This is paybackfor the last time! That was close! Boruto! Are you all right? Yeah, what about you? How trivial. It was sucked in?! Kinshiki. Yes! We can't useour powers here. We'll end up draggingeveryone into this. It seems like I'm their target. I'll lure them. Who are you?! My name is Kinshiki Otsutsuki, This is Lord Momoshiki Otsutsuki. What do you want from me?! We will turn the scattered chakrainto one fruit. And finish whatKaguya failed to do on this seedbed. According to the scroll It was recorded that these guys wouldcome to steal the fruit of chakra That's why Kaguya wasamassing an army of White Zetsu radio First Kaguya, and now this radio What do they plan to dowith the fruit? They plan on making pills. Pills? Medicine. Precisely. As long as we have this, We are eternally young,immortal, and invincible. You poor, inconvenient humans radio Unless you train andpersevere senselessly, you get nowhere. Watch me! With this pill, instantly, with no effort, and so easily I acquire true power. Quit kidding around! That's not true power! Vulgar creatures likeyou wouldn't understand. What will you do? I don't want to soil my garments, butI shall do it anyway. I'll have to rearrange the seedbed,and make it beautiful anyway. There's also the JutsuI acquired earlier. No radio It's meaningless. What is this? I didn't know dadhad a power like this radio Here! Here! If the real you goes down,it's all over! Thanks, Sasuke. Naruto radio It'll all be over after this. But you must not die, Fox. Sasuke radio Take care of them both. Got it. - Uncle!- Father! Let's do this, Kurama! You would better not be out of shape! Don't be stupid! I'm ready to go anytime! Right! Listen radio He was full of weaknesses.He was a good-for-nothing. But he pulled himself upwith his own strength radio radio and become the Hokage. You don't need to understand whoNaruto is now. You need to know the Narutowho made it all the way here. Dad! You're awake. Is this the hospital? Everyone's been transported here. Lord Seventh protected us all. I see radio So everyone's safe? Mama! Himawari?! Hinata! It's me. Can you hear me? Mama! It's all right. She'll be fine. What happened, Mom?! She charged right after him. Why'd she do somethingcrazy like that?! She tried to bring Naruto back radio SEVENTH Dad radio Boruto radio Boruto radio And when Dad was a child radio radio Grandpa Hokage wasn't even alive! So I guess Dad's lucky,he never experienced the "Joy" of having a parent around. Why does my Dad have tobe the Hokage?! He just sits at his desk all dayand acts bossy! Anyone can do that! I am radio radio so uncool. You've got that right. At the exams,everyone scorned you. You were stripped of your headband, and you can't even callyourself a Shinobi now. On top of that,You made your little sister cry, your mother's been hurt,and your father is gone. If it weren't for your sisterwho adores you and your mother whoworries so much about you radio you'd be in the same situation your dadused to be in the past. So, what are you gonna do? My Dad radio How did my Dad do it? Seems you're not just interestedin weakness anymore. Ask Naruto yourself. I'm going to rescue him. I can sense his Chakra. In other words,he's not dead. Uncle Sasuke,why do you bother with me? You're actually aa very powerful shinobi. I lost to him radio radio but you can becomesomeone who surpasses him. How can you tell? You're his son radio radio and you're my number one student, right? And besides, you're a bigger loserthan Naruto ever was. A loser, does that mean radio ? I mean, you hate to lose. Aren't you forgetting about us? We can't ignore the Hokage and tarnish the reputation of the Five Kage. Let's do it! Wow radio The Five Kage radio It's feels just like theold days with Naruto radio I feel my power surging. No, there is still something missing radio This is radio With this Rinnegan radio the number of Shinobi i cansend after them is limited. Consideringour present battle strength, this is the best we can do. Take care of Naruto. Boruto! Mother! Boruto radio I'm gonna go. You're finally carrying yourselflike a Shinobi radio Let's go! Sarada, Mitsuki radio Take care of everyone! Boruto radio Take care your father. It's them! This is taking too long. Sorry about that. You see radio we Ninja radio don't like to make things easy. Let's do this! Don't think you can get away from us. Vulgar creatures! Sasuke radio And you too?Why are you wearing that? Things happened radio radio and well, he's become a Shinobi. I feel like I'm lookingat my own Shadow Clone. Do I look a little cool at least? More than before. So you were keeping an eye on me a little. I'm sorry radio For everything up until now. From now on - It's fine the way it was. Because when you can manage to be around,instead of lecturing me radio I want you to tell mestories about your past. Sure. You're cornered. Aren't you talking about yourself? You impudent -! Honenuki! Bone Mutilation! Kurotsuchi! Ash Stone Sealing Jutsu!

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