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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Radio Gravity FM 97.2

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We'll hold him here! Sorry we're late! Naruto! Don't use Ninjutsu on them! You can absorb Jutsu,and then release it radio right? It's the same setup as those toysfrom the Scientific Ninja Tool Team. Then we'll go with Taijutsu. That's a simple decision. Lord Momoshiki radio Now, Lord Momoshiki. It seems the time hascome to consume my Chakra. Just as in the past, when my guardian entrusted mewith their power radio Do not waver. Like I would! It's like I'm looking at the old me. No kidding. Let's teach him a lesson radio Sasuke! Yeah! Amazing radio ! Make sure you get the power ofthis Scientific Ninja Tool on camera! Right. Take this! This is payback for whatyou did to me earlier! There they go again, interfering radio Them again! You have my thanks, fools! My chakra radio This is a fine ability radio Now, I'll be careful with you. I won't kill the Fox. Butthe rest are nuisances. Now is the time! Remember what I said radio Now release your Rasengan! Can I really-? Trust your master. That's why I brought you here with me. Rasengan?! Go! What?! What just happened? What is the meaning of this? When did you learn the Rasengan?! Do you know how hard it is to perfect? But this Rasengan adds a sudden changein Chakra nature, then disappears. I see! Boruto, do it again. But my Rasengan's radio Just do as Sasuke says radio O-Okay! How dare you?!You foiled my garment twice. What has he endured radio to reach this point? I don't feel like losing! I can make it up to infinity. We only have one chance,you understand? Come on! OK! There is no second chance. The rest depends on you radio Boruto! No way! Go, Boruto. Rasengan! You're a mess. So are you. Yeah radio I can't even stand. I won this contest. A Shinobi's Soul remains the same radio radio even for a child. Boruto radio You're right. The situation is different from me.My father is still the Fourth Hokage. I am the Hokage and am still here. And I'm here to take care of you radio radio until you grow up. It's okay, Mom.Leave it alone. My clothes look cool like that. CONTINUE -QUIT GAME - BORUTO Mom, my jacket. I have to go now. What are you doing, daddy? Oh, yeah. Dad, your lunch! Oh, yes. Thank you, Himawari. Oh no, Boruto also forgot it. I'm leaving! I'm going to leave now! - Have a good day.- Have a good day. Boruto, are you doing a mission today? Yes, you work hard too, Dad! Got it! What's important isto train hard and learn, you know? Even though you're still a Genin radio you fought alongsidethe Five Kage and helpedsave us from danger? What's the mostimportant thing for a Shinobi? Teamwork and Perseverance! Oh, how nice! My father told me radio it's not about how you think here radio radio but what youknow and feel here. I see. Finally, is there somethingyou want to say radio for the Chunin Selection Exams? This time I will succeed,you know! The event is hosted directly. A shadow? I hope you're original. Of course! You're busy with all the television interviews. In fact you cheated. How many times shouldI apologize for it? Just forgive me already! A Panda escaped from the zoo! No, it's a bear! Anyway, the animal is directed towards you. Understood! Not again radio eh? I'll be the decoy,so you guys capture it. - Understood!- All right! You two, do it right this time. Boruto, you're son of the Seventh Hokage and grandson of the Fourth Hokage - Hey, Boruto radio Deep down inside,don't you want to become Hokage too? Me, the Hokage? I don't want to! Because radio when you become the Hokage, I'll be your assistant. I'll guard you. For me, the Hokage is just a road. Just because grandpaand my father were Hokage radio radio doesn't mean I have towalk on the same road. Sarada radio My objective radio radio is becomingShinobi like your father. I will follow my own Ninja way! Okay, this is it. Let's do it, Boruto! Mitsuki! - All right!- OK! As I said, this is a bear! Be quiet!It's a Panda! - It's a bear!- Panda! Bear! - Panda!- Bear!- You've been close to each other. It would be nice if you could showmy parents some respect as well. Oh yeah, by the way radio radio Who are your parents? Huh? Didn't I tell you? He's called Orochimaru. Who? You mean radio You're the son of Orochimaru? So, was he your father? or your mother? Well, it does not really matter radio So who is this Orochimaru? And what do you mean "not too important"?! I do not understand!

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