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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hermitage FM 99.2 N.W.

Hermitage FM 99.2 N.W., Online Hermitage FM 99.2 N.W. Radio internet, Hermitage FM 99.2 N.W. UK Radio
There must be something that you have radio I have nothing. You have no identification? You're telling me you've got on the bus with no money, no ticket, no identification? This is ridiculous. You must have some means of showing me who you are, where you're radio Shylock, it's only pence. Leave the lassie alone. No, no. You take it, doll. No. I've got you this time, smartarse. Don't take it out on her. What's your name, Miss? She doesn't understand English. You listening? She doesn't understand. Get back to your cabin. I'm not going to any all cabin. She doesn't understand. I'll ask you one more time. What is your full name? Give me your full name. She can't even understand. I'm telling you. You've got nothing to do with this. Just you get back in your cabin. Are you enjoying this? Are you? If you don't get back radio You're in trouble, son. I'm in trouble? I thought she was in trouble. Are you going to throw us a laugh? You're in trouble. This is embarrassing. These people know this. I think it's terrible. It is terrible, "hen". Are you listening? It's terrible. Just you get back in your cabin! It's only ing pence. You ing miserable prick, you! Leave her alone. It's disgusting. Hey, darling, come on. Thank you. Hey, calm down. Open that ing door! Please calm radio Watch your language in front of the passengers, Mr McGurk. Ho! You ing baldy bastard, you! George. All right, Sammy boy. What you been up to? He's waiting for you. You going in like that? ing really. Catch a grip of yourself. Just get a wee bit smartened up. Who the are you? Coco Chanel? It'll be OK. Thanks, Sammy. What the ? Give us my radio Hey! No smart answers, all right? Sammy, come on. Keep the trap shut, George. Come in. So the scratcher got you at last. "You big, constipated miserable prick, you. " I don't remember saying constipated. You don't want this job, do you? I need it. Like a hole in the head, you need it. Right, a week's suspension. Next time you're out. Why don't you give me a shot on the motorbike? I'm fixing it the noo. That's what you said the last time. I know, but it was broke last Saturday. But you told me I should come last Saturday. Once I've fixed it, you can get on it. How are you doing? George Lennox? I remember you on the bus. Yeah, hi. How are you doing? Well, I got your address from the bus. And I just want to say thank you. No, not at all. It was a pleasure. And did you lose your job? No. Short sabbatical we call it. I'm very sorry. Don't worry about it. It's no problem. I brought radio This is for you. This is present for you. That's really nice of you. Thank you very much. Better stick it in my pocket. Thank you very much. That's really nice of you. Listen, do you want a wee cup of coffee? I can't. I need to say thank you for the present. Please. Just two minutes. Yeah? You make sure she stays here, right? You stay there. OK? What's your name? Where'd she go? She ran away. I thought I told you to look after her. She ran away up there. That way? Aye. You watch my stuff, OK? See you later. Thanks very much. Keep the change. Two coffees. Two coffees, OK. Sorted that. It's cold. Are you cold? It's always cold here. Listen, erm radio George. Carla. Carla. Very nice to meet you, Carla. You, too. So where is it you come from? Don't ask me question. No question, please. No questions? No. Fair enough, no questions. It's a really nice name, Carla. Thank you. I don't suppose you've got a second name. I'm sorry, I have to go. No, you don't need to go. Don't go. I'm sorry about your job. I have to go. Why do you need to go? I have to go. Carla, you give me your phone number? Come on. I'm amazing company, really. I'll even let you drive my bus. . . I'll phone you. You want the change, Sammy? Aye. All right, girls? What's up with yo u, man? You've hardly said a word all night. Nothing. Nothing, aye. Come on, tell your Uncle Sam. Get off, Sam. Is it McGurk? Is it something to do with the work? It's nothing to do with the work, Sammy. You playing hard to get with this man, eh? What you saying to him? Tell him to shut up. He's nipping my head. Shut up. Nothing like a good night out! I would like to do one of my favourite songs. Let's see all the couples on the dance floor for Miss You Nights. George, come on. Come on, George. Is he steaming? Oh, listen, Rosemary can get us a great discount with flowers. Good, good. Aye. And I don't give a toss about a fancy car. Well, we'll not get you one, then. Are you OK? Aye. Kiss me. For 's sake, driver, what's the matter? Give us a shot of that wheel. For 's sake! Come on, driver! You're going the wrong way. God Almighty. Aye, right. Will this be happening every second before we get off at our stop? ing nut job radio Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That was really good. Thank you. So how come you gave me the bum telephone number, Carla? Sorry. I'm going. You keep running away all the time. Carla? you, you again? Yeah. Carla, why did you give me the bum telephone number? Why did you ask me? Because I'm ing concerned about you. Jesus Christ, you don't live in here? This is my home. It's a ing terrible place. Listen, you can't come in here, OK? You can't. OK, then. Go! OK. Go now! Carla, Jesus Christ, this place is a dump. Stop following me. I don't even know why you're staying here. Just five minutes, darling, and I'll be away. Are you OK? Will you open this door? Carla. Who do you think you are? Talk to me. Jesus, what a dump this is. You don't understand what get out means. Carla, calm down, it's OK. Carla. Get out! Carla, come here, come here. Get out. Get out. Get out. It's OK. It's OK. It's all right. I'm sorry. Look, I'm sorry, I radio What the hell's going on in there? Open this door or I'm gonna boot the er down. Who the hell are you? Spiritual advisor. Corporation supplying them nowadays? Very good. Right, you, out. It's not her fault. Out. You, too because you knew the golden rule. It's not her fault. I barged my way in. Barged your way in? Nobody, but nobody barges past me. You ing listening to what I'm saying? I want you two out in five minutes or I'm phoning the police.

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