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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Radio Peak 107.4 FM

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not only on the loan for the job that's never happened I think this requires a full investigation This is based on the market and the culture of investigation but it is investigating But everyone was wrong how come This is Wall Street, we will ask you money My concern is the problem loans I want to get paid the bank You really do You're going to bet on real estate is also concerned that we do not give you money Yes Listen to me, this is crazy hungry Dr. Berry, we can think of ways to give money when the loan failure But the mortgage market rose as you have to pay You can accept it can I would bet that six lenders This should We can sell you five million You can be one hundred million Certainly one hundred million We'll keep in touch This card I could get photos you send her son of course Thank you Take it mom [ABN Amro] There are ways to do it Yes, but are you sure it of course of course [National Banks & lending] [American bank] We do different projects, gardening do we do game Fund I want game This is very cool oz diamonds you believe it Rather than subprime, you just leave Thank you [we miss you] Landauer, how, three months not seen We just sold million mortgage Russell Very crazy right It is not very simple and so, I do not know the mortgage market there Now, with that we have created They do come out, I do not know Want to come? and many more Gehry Do you know of a fund manager Randall Randall? Fart, he was a soldier it is not real [Gerard Vineet] They told you Unfortunately I never told these idiots together I have fashionable friends Obviously this person to use million to buy the mortgage meltdown Landauer sold out you believe it Are you sure you are million mortgage? It's still only part of the whole city turned him Total number what? It is almost all of our liquidity It's too dangerous This is not what we all I'm not sure you understand this business It's OK I was for you to consider, the company has not satisfied You know. I have completely analyzed their investment strategies You can read our protocol do not tell me that protocol We all know you're with a madman This is not a madman, it is very logical Now we want all the money bet superior Mortgage expired? We could lose all of this unprecedented thing Right Hello Hey, Casey I have something personal pm I see children I'll be happy to make more money good Hey, you are not waiting for someone hopefully someone waiting for us I have something very good They go to the survey Ah ha I have a lot of stuff Egg is the long edge of a big thing that is epididymitis Epididymitis Like just the other testicle Well, guys, Cynthia asked me to resign so I went to B & B Company I really want to look like Mark breakfast Let me turnoff Mark does not like to kneel lick so he should set up its own fund This small team responded You are sick she said this job makes me happy But you happy I'm happy in this Benny Daniel Cake do you do, it will make the bed clothes He was a boy his father died in the violence Like Mark, he did not say that thing I do not say that She is indeed very powerful

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