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Monday, February 8, 2016

Takeover Radio FM 103.2

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break the sky Michael, how are you I found a very interesting You find interesting can make money, is what stock No, I want to short sale real estate market Really, the real estate firm yet, no bubble Market good How they were wrong I do not disagree, but sometimes you are a little bit wrong I think we should consider Listen, share from years ago Has been very smooth, why not continue You know me, I just find that Value In fact, these mortgage lenders are very dangerous subprime lenders So whenever there is a little crisis They will not, if the % is not on the entire fund useless We go back to talk about this Do not talk to me about patriotism Mortgage security, subprime loans Very boring, right, will not make you feel stupid No, it is this Wall Street likes to use complex terms Even better, let you do not control This is the way the foam explosion Credit is basically the last big bubble They earn a lot of money However, too much selling mortgages After all, so many people have to buy So banks began to give increasingly risky loans So as to work together These loans, called subprime loans So worthless Our friend found these should be % AAA grade loans In fact, they are garbage Now he wants to start shorting the Understood? Great get off We must act now How do you know, there are not all mortgages it I saw Did you see? Correct Only lawyers will look to put together They do not know what they're doing Housing industry built on these bad debts I want to short by what mechanism No bodies do, too stabilized loans Lawrence listen In this way, I want to find a bank to give me to do Then I want to buy it I do not do that business, money is not money, bad money Hey, sorry Say which company would be so bad hospitality Okay, Goldman Sachs without proof That brother off hotel Rabbi day with their mother said Who is this child is Market was an accident What is the problem Learning so hard Looking for a continuation in God's world That will not do Wall Street after he opened his own company He is not afraid to tell anyone about bad news Then the tragedy, the entire market reversal Etc., a telephone, I was minutes after the office Hi, dear Therapist to call, you have committed a No taxi, how I do I'm worried about you if I win it You seem to have made a mistake over the world Okay still so angry Well, I was too much of people and mad But here cook feces, you do not know what they do Everyone also myself as a savior They only care about football Treatment and friends You should try to take medicine no, no You hate Wall Street, perhaps the exit I love my job You hate your job you are very painful You are very painful I love my job mark Every day I feel sorry for what happened I know you are You with the brothers feeling so good Dude, where have you been Paul Every day you are talking about but you did not say that Have you thought about changing it Well, my dear To be honest I'm fine. Hey, that's my car Not yours you Call you back I want to buy empty Mortgage That is, bad loans you have to go against the line Tens of millions of Americans

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