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Monday, March 21, 2016

Absolute Radio AM 1197

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I'm afraid to say. I'm sorry. I'm going to have to dash. It's all right. Thanks a lot. Cheers. ing hell, Carla. "Carla's symptoms suggest post-traumatic stress.. " "Dancer with group in Nicaragua.. " "Said country in state of war.. " "Her group toured areas of extreme danger.. " "Involved in some sort of incident to do with that.. " "Patient becomes confused on being questioned about it and can't radio " "won't give account of what actually happened. " Jesus. "Came to Europe seven months ago with group.. " "intention to promote support for cause. " "Stayed in UK when group returned to Nicaragua. " "Joined up with Salvadorian refugees in London for two months.. " "Chaotic existence.. " "Knew Glasgow only as their first venue in UK.. " "No friends here. " I'm ing sorry, Sammy. It's all right. Is she all right? I don't know if she's radio She's all right. There was a lot of letters lying about the floor. Where'd you put 'em? Hung 'em up in the kitchen to dry out. I'm just gonna take this wee photo. I don't know what the it is. It means something to her, anyway. What'll we do with 'em? Don't know. Get every one of them. These two look the best. Carla. Carla. All right, darlin'? Fine, sweetheart. You? I'm OK to you. How are you, Carla? Bien. Bien. That's the three of us all right. Come on. Up you come. You look lovely, Sammy. Aye, so do you. Real men wear pinnies, do you not know? Good to see you, darlin'. In you come. In you come. I'll whip that off you later on. Hold on there. Wait a minute. Just a wee minute. Now is the time. Now is the time. Da-da! It's beautiful. Thank you. It's nothing, darlin'. That's nice, Sammy boy. You'd never do this for me. I'd do this for you. Would you . I would. It's really beautiful radio but there is one mistake. This one is A, not O. You ed it up. I got a wee dictionary. Spanish-English dictionary. Oh, well, you can't get the grammar in everything. Thank you. Hey, ho, ho. Ho, ho, ho, enough. No radio no hands. Get out of that. Well done. Come here. Have to cheat a wee bit. No hands. These tights are gonna be a bit of a problem. Oh, ing hell. My teeth are going to go in' flying out. OK? Mm-hm. You need to kiss it better, though. Stand up. Stand up. OK. Oh, no, no. it, it. Enough of that. Come here. ing hell, Carla, what happened to your back? I'm sorry. Carla radio Carla, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I'm sorry, darling, OK? It's just a shock, OK? Just hold me. I'm sorry, Carla. I'm sorry, baby. Can radio can you tell me about the letters? The letters? The letters. From Antonio radio Mi companero. He was radio hurt. Really hurt. He was hurt? Too hurt. Too hurt. It's OK. It's OK. Please don't cry. More than one letter, I never opened them. After the day in the mountain radio I feel very strong. And I opened the letters. What did they say? Nothing. And everything. I don't understand, darlin'. What do you mean? Song. A simple song that we wrote together, until the radio We just played. What happened to him? Carla, what happened to Antonio? Promise not to ask. Not to ask. Promise me. OK, OK, I promise. I promise. On the life of your mother. Say it. On the life of my mother, I promise I'll never ask. For you, to Nicaragua? For me. For me? For you. Listen, you can't imagine the situation at my home. It's too dangerous for you. But listen, Carla, we can't keep running away from this. We can't bury this. Am I right or am I wrong? You are right. I scared you when I said that. But I don't know where Antonio is. Carla, you have nightmares about this guy. You dream about this guy. You don't know where he is, whether he's hurt or he's alive, whether he's dead. We have to find him. This is my mum. Your mum? Yes. And this is my sister radio Lisa and Francisca. Goodness. Who's that? Bradley. We'll find him the first. Before your family? Yes. He'll help us find Antonio. So what does he do? Now he work for Acción Cristiana Permanente por la Paz. A US voluntary group. So he's a human rights campaigner? Yes. Who's that? Antonio. Hey, Carla, any of these? No, we can't. Carla, I need a drink. No good for you. Carla, I need it. I need it. You want to live in the toilet one week? No. No good for you. Come on. it. Yeah, yeah. George, come on. Carry on, carry on. Carry on. Come on! George! George, do you have money? Money? Yeah. You have ticket, you have to pay. I've no' got any money. No money, no ticket. You've got the money. Yeah, I know. Skip on for nothing. George? Let her see it. Carla, tell her she can keep it. This is for my family. The bag's too heavy anyway. You like it? Here. OK. Jesus. Buenas. Buenos días.. OK. We have good luck. He is here. Bradley? Yeah. We have to wait. OK. The delegation that we have coming down now radio Sit. OK. From Vermont we have the March th National Women's Delegation. They're bringing down a pattern for this woman from Colorado. They need to decide where they're going to go. Women's places. That's him there, isn't it? Mm-hm. This is Bradley. They were there in ' and want to go back and visit a family. Press coverage? No press coverage. I don't think there'll be any outcome.

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