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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Cross Counties Radio

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It's Bradley's turn to pick up reports. Everybody needs to turn your reports over to him. Let me have them. Here's my report. That's mine. That's mine. Photographs? Yup. Watch out, this one's radio So, are you going to go through 'em? What's this? I don't know which one it is. Uh radio "An eerie silence hangs over the scene, as we view the charred remains of the house and farm that was once the Enrique Schmitt Cooperative. Vultures fly overhead. My eyes fill with tears as I examine the burnt-out remnants of their humble homes. " Jesus, Laura, this is Witness For Peace, not War And Peace. You know, Laura, we really need specific radio specific information. It's there. No, it's not there. Did you read the rest of it? Tomas? Where's his last name? All right, now I've read it. His name isn't there. It's Tomas who? How many Contras radio Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Laura, we need time, date, location, fatalities, civilian or otherwise. You want drink? Is the beer OK? Yes, it's OK. Victoria is really good. I could murder a pint. Carla. Gracias. Thank you. Have you seen people from the Brigadista? No. Vicky, Santiago, Ramon? No. Rafael? Yeah, I hear from Rafael now and then. The last I heard is he's up in Esteli, being worked to death by Norma. Trying to get away from her. I'd talk to her if she'd give you seconds. Rafael, he teaches literacy, you know? Reading and writing? Yeah. People from the country, campesinos, old people, young people. Well radio Look. Here we'll find Norma. And here is where my family live now. Who has to move out from Estelí. How come? Well, this is where my sister went after my brothers. They killed one. Mauricio. This is Esperanza, where they live. And here the biggest Contra camp. Jesus, it's tricky. Hey, do that. Yeah, that. What do you do? Hang on. That's your sphincter. The muscles around your orifice. Don't. Hang on. What was the last time you were so scared, so ing paralysed radio Shut up! Bradley! radio you were taken over by your asshole. Hence the reflexive verb to shit oneself. Tricky, very tricky. OK. Fair enough. I get it. Bradley, have you seen Antonio? No, I already told you. Don't ask me again. ing callous bastard. You're an ignoramus. What the are you doing here? you, man. What was that? I said you. Is there a ing problem? Bradley! I'm going up north tomorrow, in case you're still here. ing wank. Forget him. He's an old friend. He's a ing headcase. Listen, we'll find Norma and Rafael. They know where Antonio is. Uh, he say, what do you grow in your country? What do I grow? Yes. Er radio nothing. Any corn? No. Any beans? No. Melons? No melons either. I've got something, actually. Tell him. We grow radio It takes a long time to grow. It takes ten years to grow. In a bottle. Whisky. Try it. He say, "What a ing wonderful country. " A ing wonderful country. Refreshments! Wait minutes, please! We run a co-operative. Show your friend. He'll see how title deeds work here. He want that you see these deeds for the land. Deeds for the land? Yes. How did he get the land? The revolution gave the people from the country radio acres of land. Now there are families there. And he say that before this is only for one man and now it's for men. One rich bastard owned the whole thing? Yes, only for one people. Yes and now families lives and radio So for one before, for now. Yes. What happens if the rich bastard comes back? The one guy. If the owner comes back, we're all united. We'll fight him with rifles and we'll beat him off again. I think I know what he's saying. Tell him to off. Yes, he can off! Free country or death! And she radio say that radio now everybody's happy because radio because everybody radio the companero radio give the sangre, give the blood for the revolution and now everybody is in this revolution. We'll resist because it's our revolution and nobody can take it away from us. And the revolution is new and we defend the revolution. And anybody radio come back to Nicaragua radio Now everybody's free and the people from the USA, you know, gringos, don't come back here. And she say now everybody different, this revolution, because this revolution is for people, young people, children, old people, and everybody can't forget everybody, todos los companeros. All the companeros that give the life for this revolution. And everybody together. Sorry. Where's the bag? I don't know. The big bag. Hey! Hey! Hey! George, where is my bag? It's only a few bottles of shampoo. My presents. I know, but the bus is away. You don't understand. This is people living in the middle of the war. Give me my other bag. You don't understand anything. Not too bad, eh? No. Could be worse. Seems all right. Mm. So the lights have gone down. What's happening? Don't worry. Happens all the time. Ach, well, who needs lights, eh? Nice wee comfy bed. We can give that a wee test. A wee tryout. You're mad. Aye, it's OK, isn't it? Yes. Corre, Antonio. Asesinos, hijos de la gran puta! What's the matter? It's OK. It's OK. It's OK. Combatant Ronald Lopez radio radio fell in defence of this country. His family and the Sandanista National Liberation Front radio radio invite you to the wake tonight radio How long have you known Norma? Well, we met three years ago. She very strong. She work with women. Very strong. I ask is radio is Norma here. OK. Can you tell me if Norma is here? Yes, but she's in a meeting. She's here. OK. Norma. Carla. Me? Sí. All right. For me? Thank you. Thank you very much. Er radio I'm George. George, aye, aye. Mi nombre es Carina. Carina. Carina. Maricella. Maricella. Jara. Jara. Nice names. Soweta. Soweta. Mm. That's good, that. Great. It's nice. Novia? Girlfriend? Girlfriend? Er radio tricky question. Erm radio it's a long story. Maybe, so kind of. Open to offers, you know. George. Companero there. Ah. There you go. He's my friend. He came with you? Yes, from Scotland. Bye. Bye. Bye. Hi. Are you OK? I'm fine. Norma, George. George, Norma. Hi, Norma. Nice to meat you. Very nice to meat you, too. Yes. Do you like our place? Yeah, it's very friendly. Many little friends, but

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