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Thursday, April 28, 2016

La Jefa 98.3 1220 AM

La Jefa 98.3 1220 AM, La Jefa 98.3 1220 AM Online Radio
the Port Commissioner's replacement. It's weird how he showed up on the bridge right after Pope. So? You don't kill the Port Commissioner if you don't control the replacement. Makes sense. BEN: That makes a lot of sense. Jukebox is ready. Got that Taylor Swift song you wanted, player. Look, if Nuñez is in on it, that means Pope is moving contraband through the port. Nuñez? Charlie Nuñez? That was one of the names on Pope's payroll report on his computer. CHUCKLES Was that important? Asshole played us. He planted the info on his computer, let us find that container, got us to prove his innocence, so that the other containers could skate through. Son of a . When is the next shipment, AJ? One every morning this week. We gotta hit him in the morning, then. Let's do it! Let's do it! AJ: Let's go. I should have put that together. Can I talk to you? Okay. James? Look, I knew about the containers, but my thing is, I didn't think further than that. And, that's where I went wrong. Look, Ben, I just want to game Stop, stop. You don't have to say it. I already know what you're gonna say. Listen, man, I just brought you over here to tell you, you're not going. What are you talking about? I am going. No, you're not. Yes, lam, James. No, you're not. You just got kicked off the force. You know what, James? I've been out here putting my life on the line, to prove to you that I can be a detective. I don't know what your real problem is, James, but this is what I wanna game Listen! You getting married to my sister, all right? This thing goes wrong, you can end up in jail. Or worse. You can end up dead. BEN: What game Oh. I'm sorry, Ben, but this is for your own good. Okay, look, they're not gonna let us within a mile of the port. We gotta take a boat and head north. AJ: You got a boat? James! Hey, stop! James! I'll tell you how it goes. AJ, AJ, AJ, AJ! AJ! MAYA: Look, our best bet is to take a boat across the bay at dawn. JAMES: So your captain just let you take out cars and boats whenever you want to? MAYA: I don't know. I don't ask him. Come on. Hey, don't shoot me, man! Ain't nobody gonna shoot you. Show me your hands! Man, stop it! Come on, get up. I need your help. For what? INAUDIBLE All right, AJ. When we get up here, I need you to hide. Okay. What do you wanna do? Slice his hamstrings, take him down? WOW. STAMMERING That's a bit aggressive. I think there's a different way we could do this. Hey, man, do you know where South Beach is? 'Cause my GPS ain't working worth a game GRUNTING That is pretty impressive. Wanna give it a try? Can I get him under here? Ye , now twist. GRUNTING Right? Oh! Ye . You know, I gotta do this on Ben. Let me show you how we do it in the A, though. Ye . Well, that works, too. We got him. Send a car over to pick up Pope's ass. POPE: I'm already here. Freeze! As a matter of fact, I'm everywhere. Pssf! God! You scared the out of me. Hey, how'd you get out of game Don't worry about it. Where's James and Maya at? Checking a container somewhere over there. The container yard. This is classic boss level. Something always goes down in the container yard. And it's not just cocaine. I'm opening a contraband super highway. Guns, drugs, freaking whale meat. Whatever. I think there's even a pygmy giraffe in one of these. Fun. I had to come down to see it for myself. And, look what I find. BEN: , Pope's got them. You stay here. I got an idea. CHUCKLING You look discouraged. I feel bad for you guys. It's like when my nephew loses a soccer game. I wanna game I wanna give you a hug and a Capri Sun. But I feel worse for these guys. I mean, they have to kill two rogue cops who they mistook for terrorists. Uncool. They have to live with that. I have a better idea. How about having a professional take care of it, hmm? Ben Barber, es! BEN: Hold up, James! Now, I got it! Ye ! GRUNTING Did I do that? Oh, ! GRUNTING Oh, ! Help! Backup! I need backup! Help! Help! Hey! Hurt Locker! Oh, God! GROANS BREATHING HEAVILY GRUNTS GRUNTS Maya, down! You're welcome. Let's go. You have been a real nuisance.

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