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Saturday, April 30, 2016

WSM - 650 AM

WSM - 650 AM, Online WSM - 650 AM Radio internet, WSM - 650 AM ABD Radio
Like, handsome. Ben. No, it's okay. It's a compliment, just take it. Not really a compliment. All right. You need to accept it, because you're not gonna get many from him. James, about to get on the boat and drive off with my wife. Yep- You wanna say anything nice to me, this would be the time. Oh. Bye. You wanna say something? Goodbye. James wants to make a toast! Go ead! GUESTS: CHANTING Toast! Toast! Toast! Toast! You said it. Come on, big guy- Toast Toast EXHALES To Ben. You've set me on fire, stabbed me game You stabbed him? Was a accident. Got two of my cars blown up. CLEARS THROAT And, uh, almost got me killed more times than I can count. Now, usually, I'd toss him off the dock, but in this case, I can't do that. Because, dude, you saved my life, made my sister happier than I've ever seen her. Don't you do this to me, James. Not here. And, in a crazy kinda way, made me a better person and a better cop. INHALES DEEPLY Fight it, Ben. To my brother-in-law. Family. You finally said "family," James. To Ben and Angela. GUESTS: Ben and Angela! CHEERING You are something else, buddy. Come on, Ang. ANGELA: You ready? Yes! LAUGHS ENGINE STARTING Whoo! You hear that? I hear it. MIMICS ENGINE GURGLING It's like a Le tigre. You know, that's French for "puma." It's not, actually. Just go with the moment, all right? People back there want a show. Let's give them one. Baby, you know what I want? What? WHISPERS The Black Hammer. Then we need to get this boat out of here, then. ANGELA: Bye! GUESTS: Bye! AJ: Whoo! Bye! Ben, I like this. Before we go, let's loop back around one more time! I'mma show them what we capable of, baby! You could slow down a little bit. You ain't got nothing to worry about! You with the Black Hammer! I'm just gonna get a little more speed! There's a boat right in front of us. I know how to drive this boat! That's the first thing they teach you. SCREAMING ALL EXCLAIMING ANGELA: Ben, hold on! Hold on! Angela! Stop the boat! AJ: That's classic Ben. Oh. Oh. Ben, how do I stop this thing? Angela! What? This marriage will never last. Let's just pray for him. Can he swim? I hope not. BEN: Ang, stop the boat! James! Welcome to the family, brother-in-law! BEN: Angela! Are you trying to kill me? Angela, dodge the buoys! METAL CLANGING BEN: Ow! HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYING Get out of my way! You little ! Get in the car! Get in! Get in! Get in, get in! Little ! Don't you dare! Unlock the door, unlock this door! Don't you dare take off with my daughter! No! What do you think you're doing? No, get out of the car, get out of the car! I'm gonna beat you so bad! You will never see my daughter again! Psycho. I cannot believe this game when'd you learn how to drive? I didn't. I have no idea what I'm doing. Guys, we did it. Everybody in. One, two, three game Bellflower Boys! Ye ! Ye ! Ye ! Ye ! Are these your mom's? Ye . Look out! Oh, my God. Is she okay? Jessie, you have to get out of here. No, I'm not leaving you. You have to. You were never here, okay? Jackson game I'm begging you. Just go. Please leave! Jackson! Go! Our lives would never be the same again. When we were kids, Houston existed only in our imaginations. It's barely miles from Brennan, but to us it seemed like a world away. That's exactly why I went there. I needed to escape my past, forget about what happened, start a new life. It seemed to be working. Marina. I can take it back if you don't like it. There is no way you are taking this back. You are stuck, my friend. What are you doing? Me? Oh, I'm just trying to take your mind off that big wedding I see you planning. Don't you have to be at work? I do. 'Cause you know how your boss hates it when you're late. She's a real pain in my ass. For me, life was good. For Gil and Shawn, it was still a work in progress. A deal is a deal. I want the full $,. But the stuff's hot, and it's game Gil, Gil! I want my money, Kyle! Gil, hey, take it easy. You'll be all right. Just take this stuff and get out of here. Yo, G, you can't beat up the customers like that. We got a business to run. You don't want your cut? Hell, ye , I want it. So any time that you put hands on people, you know, that causes a bad look on us, and we can't have that. As for Boots game Coming, I'm coming. game he was the only one who'd stayed in Brennan. Hey, you. Daddy's got to go to Houston for work today, but I will be home soon, so don't get any idea, okay? I love you. I love you, too. Call me later. Ye , will do. I've always wondered what would've happened if Boots hadn't gotten in the truck that day. But fate, like life, is unpredictable. You never really know where you're going, and you never know who you're gonna meet. Hey. This is Darryl. Is he in? Ye , have him call me back. Cell phone's fine. The hell you looking at? Hey! Get out of my face. Freak. I will mess you up. No! No! How long does it take for a person to drown? In fresh water, a person loses consciousness within three minutes and dies within seven. So if this were an accident, as the defense claims, and Mr. Cox ran right down to that dock as soon as he heard the splash, he would have

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