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Monday, May 2, 2016

The Legend 96.9 FM

The Legend 96.9 FM, Online The Legend 96.9 FM Radio internet, The Legend 96.9 FM ABD Radio
enough to come after Darryl, then you might be next. Darryl's an idiot. They don't know crap. Do you even know what he runs for us? The airport, the truckers, the hotel unions game Look, I don't care about all that drug stuff. It's window-dressing. Ye , well, it sure made you fat and happy over the years. Look, I'm gonna handle it, but this is your problem, too. I need you to help me find out who this guy is working for. How the hell should I know? Because that's what you do. Because that's how this arrangement works. Damn it, Terry, this is the last thing I need right now. I'm getting ready to make my announcement. Your what? They're running me for congress, Jody Miller's seat. Oh, you. Running for congress. What, I guess being lieutenant governor isn't enough fat for you to chew on? I paid my dues. Ye , and I know how. Is that some kind of a threat? Look, I'm just saying, you and I have been together a long time, and you don't get to pick and choose when we're in business. Honey? I'm ready whenever you are. You look amazing. Thank you. This is the bar association dinner, right? It is. Why? Why? Because y-you game really look like you're bringing your A-game, considering it's a bunch of boring lawyers and grumpy old judges. You don't want to go. Can I take a pass on this one? Please? Fine. But you're on your own for dinner. That's okay game I order a mean pizza. BILIRUBIN URINE STATE OF TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS There were a lot of ways they could break you at Quitman. The warden's favorite was forcing us to fight. Okay, Gil! Go, Gil! Go, Gil! Go, Gil! Let's go! Come on! Hit him! Gil! Come on, Gil! Yes! Yes! Nose! Nose! Ye ! Nose! Ye game ! Way to go, Gil! Ye ! Ye ! Ye ! Yes! Ye ! Yes! Ye ! Ye game ! Hey! Hey, what are you doing with Gil? You leave this room tonight game you'll come back in a box, you hear me? Stop it. Jackie, where are they taking you? I don't know. Well, the warden likes you. You play your cards right, you're gonna get anything you want around here. That's a good one, Darryl. Ye , boy. Here, let me see that one. .T.U.S.U.B.T.I.T.U.L.O.C.O.M. What do you got? His name is Gary Nolan. He's got a Texas driver's license and a Brennan address. He's down at county now. Who does he work for? This moving company. Rodney's girl said she saw some game Damn it, that's not what I mean! I need to know who he's running with! I don't know. All right? Nobody's ever heard of the guy. Somebody is messing with us, genius. They went after my number two. If I don't hit back, everybody in town's gonna be coming. Have Dooley take care of him. Here we go! Everybody out! Breakfast! Chow time! Keep it moving! Gary Nolan game did they bring him in? Sir, these people are in front of you. Just tell me where he is. These people are in front of you. Counselor. Jackson. Your client's up in surgery. No one can see him right now. What's Gang Squad doing here? Is this your case? I'm not sure yet. I tried to interview your guy, but he wouldn't talk. I was hoping maybe we could. Liz, now is not a good time. And it's not my job to help you with your investigation. Look, I'm just trying to figure out if this is gang-related. If it's not, I'll leave you alone. Jackson! Can you believe this? I told you. Take it easy. Hey, Jackie. Hey. You all right? Ye . That's Boots' wife, Annie. Who are you? I'm Jackson. I'm your husband's lawyer. Do you know what happened? Not yet, but we're gonna find out. Oh, God game Try game tr-try to relax. Okay? Sir? Do you need help finding somebody? I'm good. Thank you. TROOPS RESTORE ORDER AFTER QUITMAN RIOT GOVERNOR APPROVES SALE OF QUITMAN TO PRIVATE OPERATOR RAY CARROLL HAS SERVED AS DIRECTOR AND MEMBER OF CSA SINCE . HE IS THE CURRENT LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR OF TEXAS AND A LONG-TIME ADVOCATE OF MORE EFFECTIVE PRISON MANAGEMENT game LT. GOVERNOR CONSIDERING RUN FOR CONGRESS Detective Winters. Liz, this is Jackson. You said you wanted to talk. I'm ready to listen. You want to tell me what's going on? Boots is lying in a hospital bed. Gil told me you're his lawyer and that he got arrested

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