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Friday, May 6, 2016

SuperStation 101 101.1 FM

SuperStation 101 101.1 FM, Online SuperStation 101 101.1 FM Radio internet, SuperStation 101 101.1 FM ABD Radio
We're not a en ??, we're not a en flag, we're not just one man game And assholes like you, have been trying to kill us for a long en time.. But you know what, A thousand years from now.. We'll still en be here. Mike! Grenade! What took you so long? Sorry, I had a couple of errands to run. , does this er ever die? Alright, we gotta get out of here, You good? Go! Move, move, move! Mike! Come on! I'm out. I'm out too. Come in! We're trapped! I repeat we are trapped. Blow it! Are you insane? I can't ?? .. You know that. We're not gonna get out of here unless you do! Huxley! Now, godammit! Go, go, go! Banning, Banning, call me. Has anyone find any sign? Nothing, over. Well, okay. Stay sharp. Keep looking. ?? No sign of the President yet. Fox Command? Find them? The President is alive. I have to tell you. I en hate funerals. Sir, I got you, Mr. President. Is that all they got? Ye , it looks like it. Lieutenant, this could be missing link .. to Barkawi Okay, I'll get this to my folks, right away. Next time I tell you to blow it, .. just blow it. Good job, Lieutenant. You too, Banning. Safe journey home. If that's possible for you. Next time, you want to leave town after betraying your country, how about you steal a car, ?? you can get for the vehicle. Perhaps you can ?? GPS. Because that just takes all the fun out of it. You forgot to delete you access logs. You authorization code is there, bright as day. The security cameras showing you logging on. Get on the floor. Do I have to tell you, this is the most dangerous time since the Great War. We're cutting budgets while the barbarians are at the gate. The system's failing us, Jax, it's broken. You know it as well as I do. Things have to change So you think you would teach us all a lesson? That and Million Euros. Come with me, Jax. Get on the en floor. Don't .. Don't. Get on the floor. Get on the floor, John. Get on the en floor! Two gun shots, DOUBLE TAP. Sir? phone call for you. Kamran? Mr. Barkawi? I thought you'd take my call. You see this war .. this war has just started. You think it's over? I dedicating my life to your end. This war will not end. Maybe you should look out your window. JET FIGHTER RADIO-CHATTER CLEAR TO PROCEED GROUND ASSETS CONFIRMED. TARGET CLEAR OF CIVILIAN PERSONS Two weeks after the devastating attacks on the British capital, A new government has been installed, and the city, has begun to rebuild. In the words of Prime Minister Clarkson: "London may have fallen, but it has always endured, and will rise again." So Daddy is going to take some more time off, isn't that cool? Ye , maybe it's the new me. He says he reckons I've earned a few days off. Thanks to you, little one. I wonder what you're going to be passionate about, Matt? LETTER LETTER Subject: RESIGNATION Dear Sir: With great sadness I inform officially Far too many people died for no good reason. There are those that who will say that this would never have happened if we would just mind our own business. LETTER LETTER resign of the US Secret Service, an honor and privilege But the worst option, is to do nothing. Finally, We owe to our children, and to their children, to engage in the world. through the halls of the great library of Alexandria in the east. As oppressed people everywhere writhe under the Roman lash, freeman and vassal, are united in one compulsory worship. The emperor, Caesar, is Godhead, lord of every man's body and spirit. For those who will not submit, the galleys, the arenas, even crucifixion await. But there is a new wind, blowing from the east, from the dusty streets of Bethlehem, that will soon challenge the vast house of Caesar, that edifice wrought of brick and blood which now seems so secure! >HAIL, CAESAR! HAIL, CAESAR! A TALE OF THE CHRIST There she is, Gracchus. And , what a beauty! Aye, Autolochus! Rome! Suckled by a she-wolf and nurturing us, her sons in turn. Tonight I bathe in Caracalla, and wash away the dust of three hundred miles of Frankish road! To Rome.

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