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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mix 96.9 Fm Holly Pond

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To Rome! Yes, to Rome! Glorious center of Caesar's rule! But far away, in Palestine. . . another man is coming home. Saul, humble merchant of Tarsus, is about to be struck down by a vision. What thing is this? Gloria DeLamour has been checked into Our Lady of Perpetual Rest to dry out. You have a : a.m. with Monsignor O'Reilly at the Wallace Beery Conference Room. And he's bringing Lester Silkwood from the Legion of Catholic Decency and we've also invited Patriarch Vlassos for the Eastern view. Have they've read the script? Roger. Let's also invite a rabbi, and a Protestant padre of some sort game so we can get everybody's two cents. Check. How's production on “Tucumcari"? Principal is on schedule but second unit has been idle in Gallup New Mexico for days. Heavy rain. Forecast? Not good. Send an insert truck and have them shoot driving plates for “Came the Rain.” Check. “Jon 's Daughter” still behind? Yes, director says the problem is DeeAnna and she's getting worse. I know what it is. I'll drop in on her after my o'clock. All right, let's call New York. Mr. Schenk's office, line . Hi Dorothy, Eddie Mannix. The old man in? Hi, Mr. Mannix, I'll check. Natalie, I want the box office on “The Debonaires” and on “Blessed Event.” Can you also game Yes. Good morning. How're you doing? Mr. Schenk. Very well, thank you. Ye . How's our productions. Proceeding. . . Proceeding. . . “Merrily We Dance” starts shooing today. Beardley Auberon gave us a draft that's extremely classy. Joan Van Vechten is playing Dierdre, but we need a male lead and we need him now. Jack Hogarth available? No, Jack Hogarth is drying out at Cedars. Well, what about Gable? Metro won't lend us Gable unless we give them the Kemsky Twins. Now, that ain't worth it. Of course not, I agree. What about that kid, Hobie? What? Hobie Doyle. Hobie Doyle?! Do you really think so? After all he's-he's a dust actor! The man barely knows how to game talk! But, people like him, right? Yes, of course Mr. Schenk, I agree, but I don't know if Hobie Doyle, if he has the game the game the game poise in a dinner jacket. We need an actor now, am I correct? Yes, we do need someone pronto. You got a better idea? No I don't. That's very true. Let me talk to Laurence Laurentz, the director. It could work. It could work. Hobie Doyle is a very promising idea. Whitey ! And cut! Great, Hobie. I can do the handstand smoother if ya gimme another shot at her. We've got four good ones, Hobie, and Whitey is tired. Okay, you're the bossman. If that's lunch I'm gonna grab me a plate a beans. All right kids, this is Rome! You're over at this guy's house for a revel, and in comes Antoninus. Lots of energy! What're you doing at the table of viands?! Huh? You're supposed to be reclining, with the lyre! I game I'm sorry. Recline with the lyre! Don't sit on the pediment. Recline. Relaxed, festive! Alright. Extras, set? Set! Roll sound. I got my eye on you. Roll camera. Fountain! Hail, Caesar! A . Take . And action! Autolochus! I had heard rumors of your return to Rome! More than rumors, noble Sestimus! I see that you are the same worshiper of Bacchus. What gaiety. There is still truth in the adage, “What pleasures cannot be found in the villa of Sestimus Ainydias, cannot be found in Rome!” But seriously, there is talk that the senate will send our legions out again and this time not on a short march to Gaul. What truth to these mutterings, Sestimus? The matter has been taken up in the Senate. It seems that there is unrest in Palestine. Palestine? That backwater! They'll hardly be sending the Sixth Legion to that godforsaken patch of desert! Palestine. h a game Ha ha ha game Palestine! Holding for a dissolve, still laughing, holding game and cut. Fine, boys, that was just fine. Was I alright? It's a cut! We'll move on to the brasier scene. Was I alright with the mutterings, I felt a little game N , it's fine. Moving on. Brasier scene, minutes. Popping over to my trailer. Okay, in the brasier scene, they changed “passion” to “ardor.” What? Why? I like passion. It's strong. It's Passion! Such is my greeting after three months' sojourn in Gaul? Not so, Ursulina, my game my ardor game my ardor is yet as warm game as the embers of this brasier. The embers of this brasier game brasier. They're ready for you, Mr. Whitlock. Not so, Ursulina. Gentlemen, thank you all for coming I know you have parishes, flocks and temples making enormous demands on your time. But I'm sure you appreciate also that great masses of humanity look to pictures for information and uplift and, yes, entertainment. Now here at Capitol Pictures, as you know, an army of technicians and actors and top-notch artistic people are working hard to bring to the screen the story of the Christ. It's a swell story. A story told before, yes, but we like to flatter ourselves that it's never been told with this kind of distinction and panache. Perhaps, sir, you forget its telling in the holy Bible. Quite right, Patriarch. The Bible of course is terrific. But, for millions of people, pictures will be their reference point for the story,

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