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Saturday, May 14, 2016

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the story's embodiment; The story's game Realization. Realization. You “realize,” of course, that for we Jews, any visual depiction of the Godhead is most strictly prohibited. Oh. But of course, for us, the man Jesus Nazarene is not God. -ha. Who plays Christ? A kid we're all very excited about, Todd Hocheiser, wonderful young actor we found in Akron, Ohio in a nationwide talent hunt. But Hocheiser is seen only fleetingly, and with extreme taste; our story is told through the eyes of a Roman tribune, Autolochus Antoninus, an ordinary man skeptical at first but who comes to a grudging respect for this swell figure from the East. And Autolochus is played by. . . Baird Whitlock. Oh my. Well, he is certainly a great talent. Now, "Hail, Caesar!" is a prestige picture; our biggest release of the year. We are devoting huge resources to its production in order to make it first-class in every respect. Gentlemen, given it's enormous expense we don't want to send it to market except in the certainty that it will not offend any reasonable American, regardless of faith or creed. Now that's where you come in. You've read the script; I wanna know if the theological elements of the story are up to snuff. I thought the chariot scene was fakey. How is he going to jump from one chariot to the other, going full speed? Uh-huh, well, we can look at that. But, as for the, religious aspect game does the depiction of Christ Jesus cut the mustard? Well. The nature of the Christ is not quite as simple game as your photoplay would have it. How so, Father? It is not the case simply that Christ is God, or God Christ. You can say that again! The Nazarene was not God! He was not not-God. He was a man! Part God. No sir! Rabbi, all of us have a little bit of God in us don't we? Well game It is the foundation of our belief that Christ is most properly referred to as the son of God. It is the son of God who takes the sins of the world upon himself so that the rest of God's children, we imperfect beings, through faith, may enter the kingdom of heaven. So God is. . . split? Yes. And no. There is unity in division. And division in unity. I'm not sure I follow, Padre. Young man, you don't follow for a very simple reason: these men are screwballs. God has children? What, and a dog? A collie maybe? God doesn't have children. He's a bachelor. And very angry. No, no. He used to be angry! What, he got over it? You worship the god of another age! Who has no love! Not true! He likes Jews. God loves everyone! God is love. God is who is. This is special? Who isn't who is? But how should god be rendered in a motion picture? God isn't in the motion picture! Then who's Todd Hocheiser? Gentlemen, maybe we're biting off more than we can chew. We don't need to agree on the nature of the deity here: if we can focus on the Christ, whatever his game parentage. My question is: is our depiction fair? I've seen worse. Reverend? There is nothing to offend a reasonable man. Father? The motion picture teleplay was respectful and exhibited tastefulness and class. Who made you an expert all of a sudden? And, What do you think, Rabbi? Eh. I haven't an opinion. How'd we do? I don't game fine. What's up? Can't find Baird Whitlock. He left the set over an hour ago, said he was going to his dressing room but he isn't there. Out on a bender? Middle of the day? Am I crazy. You're not crazy, but no. I checked the Til Two, Dan Tana's, Rusty Scupper. Not a soul. Home, maybe? Called his Wife? Yep. What'd Laura say? He's not home, he's never home, he's a louse, try one of his chippies. Called that script girl, what's her name, Francine? Check. Any of the gals missing from the set? Nope. Alright, gone an hour? We won't worry yet. Hobie? The Studio says you're finished here and you're to report back to the Lot. How come? They're changing your image. Okay. And the Studio says you're escorting Carlotta Valdez to your premier tonight. How come? I don't know her. Studio's arranging it, they're changing your image. Damn it! You have gas again, ma'am? Ma'am? Miss! Do I look married? No, miss.

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