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Friday, May 20, 2016

FM Talk 106.5

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No! Ye , gas again. Ask him, he knows. Alright, scram. How are you, DeeAnna? How am I? Wet. I don't think I'm going to fit in that fish-ass after this week. Well, we should have the water ballet in the can after tomorrow; in the nightclub scene, wardrobe'll have a gown for you that's more forgetting. Any more thoughts about who you might marry? I ain't doing that again. I had marriages, and it just cost the studio a lot of money to bust them up. Well, we had to have those annulled, one was to a minor mob figure . Vince was not minor! And, Buddy Flynn was a bandleader with a long history of narcotic use. Yes, and that's what I'm saying, they were both louses. Marrying a third louse ain't gonna do me no good. We've offered you some very suitable, clean young men. Pretty boys. Saps and swishes! What? You think if there wasn't a good reliable man I wouldn't have grabbed him? What about Arne Seslum? He is the father, isn't he? Ye , ye . Marriage doesn't have to last forever. But, DeeAnna, having a child without a father would present a public relations problem for the studio. The aquatic pictures do very nicely for us game So you go and strap on the fish-ass and marry Arne Seslum. The pictures do well for all of us. And it's a tribute to you: the public loves you because they know how innocent you are. That's true. Let me see if Arne is open to matrimony. You're sure he's the father? Ye , ye , ye . Absolutely. He's the father, yes. Pretty sure. Hey, Maxie, bring me my ass back! Hey, hey. Buddy, come here. font color=" ffb"CAPITOL PICTURES STUDIOS How ya doing, Hobie? Hello there, Scotty. They got you shooting on the lot? Well, Mr. Mannix, pulled me off the Western, says I'm doing a movie on a sound stage. They built a drawing room. He's here, Mr. Laurentz. . My dear boy, welcome. Laurence Laurentz. And you look wonderful, wonderful, how do you feel? Well, this here collar game collar is a little tight. No no, no, it's nicely fit, looks a marvel, just takes a little getting used to. Now, Hobie. Here is our set. And, in fact, that's right, yes. You enter from there, having just seen Biff's valise in the foyer, in spite of Allegra's claim that he hasn't been to the house. I'm sweet on Allegra. Indeed you are. But I've seen Biff's grip. Indeed you have. And so here we find you game Hobie, we find you haunted by unspoken suspicions. Haunted. By Biffs grip. By his valise, yes, but, but, here is Dierdre, harboring deep feelings for you, and sensing opportunity. Dierdre. Dierdre, yes. So at her importuning, you join her on the couch, and conversation ensues. So, she's-she's gonna importune, Mr. Laurence? Laurentz. Oh, I'm sorry. She's gonna importune, Mr. Laurentz? Is that something I should be concerned about? She'll simply ask you to join her on the couch, is all I mean to say, and conversation ensues. Okay, I gotcha. Very good, very good, let's try one shall we? Sure, I'll give her a go. Wonderful. Splendid. The only thing I would suggest is game before your first line, you respond to her line with a mirthless chuckle. A mirthless chuckle. Yes, I think given your unspoken suspicions about Allegra, A mirthless chuckle. Uh-huh. Okay, Mr. Laurence, I'll give it a shot. Laurentz. Oh, gosh, I'm so sorry, Mr. Laurentz. I'll give it a shot. “MERRILY WE DANCE” A, Take Action. Oh, Monty. Come join me on the divan. It seems Allegra's a no show; which is simply a bore. But, I'll partner you in bridge. Why the pout? Would that it were so simple. And cut. That's a cut. Very good. Wonderful in fact. But let's try it a little differently this time. Sure. Let's try. Well, let's see, first of all why don't we dispense with the mirthless chuckle. No mirthless chuckle. No, no need, really. It was a bad idea, bad directorial, my fault, over thinking the thing. Well if you say so, but I'm happy to do another, maybe try her one more time. I mean if you want that chuckle I sure wanna give her to ya. No no no, completely unnecessary under the circumstances, I think the audience can to that extent they can read your thoughts, and they,

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