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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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came down from Stanford, joined the study group. And started teaching us about direct action. Praxis. Action. We each pursue our own economic interest, we ourselves are not above the laws of history. But in pursuing our interest with vigor, we accelerate the dialectic, and hasten the end of history and the creation of the New Man. Plus, we make a little dough. Shut up ! We're not even talking about money, we're talking about economics. Sure. Good. Good stuff. So game now, do I get a game share of the ransom? Well, no, Mr. Whitlock. You could hardly share in your own ransom. That would be unethical. Well, it doesn't seem fair, fellas! I mean, the whole set-up only works if I play along, right, if I don't let on that I know who kidnapped me? Yes, that's right. What if I named names? Mmm. If I game Just I game tell the truth? I don't think you'll do that, Mr. Whitlock. What if we told the truth about game “On Wings as Eagles”? Sid. we have to work something out for DeeAnna Moran. She get married again? No, that's the problem. Having a child, not married. Tough. Ye . No father. Well, of course there is one, somewhere. . . But who knows. Exactly. So, is there any way, I'm just spitballing here, any way she could adopt her own child? Interesting. As a single game She disappears for a while, reappears. Uh-huh. And she wants to share her blessings, adopt a child. Sure, she's always game yearned to be a mother. That's it. Well I don't see why not. Nothing in California statute prohibits adoption by one's own parent. This is new ground. Technically, she'd have to give up the baby to a third party. Joe Silverman. Joe Silverman. Exactly. He's the foster father, for a few days. She hands the kid to Joe, he hands it back. I'll do some research. Alright. Mr. Mannix, it's :. This is exciting. game and asked all the assistant directors. One of them said that an extra in the courtyard of Sestimus-Aniydias scene seemed jumpy. All right, get Walt the name of the extra so he can bring him in and sweat him. Walt should tell him we won't press charges if he tells us where Baird's been taken. Check. If he plays dumb, or if the A.D.'s wrong and he is dumb, game check the other extras Check. Thessaly Thacker called, said you promised her an interview with Baird today. Check that, it was Thora Thacker. No, it was Thessaly. Tell her, he was at the doctor longer than expected, she can see him on the set bright and early tomorrow. Check. And is that last part true? Let's hope so. That reminds me: I need a list of everyone who worked on “On Wings as Eagles” who's still at the studio. “On Wings as Eagles”, that's a while ago, now. Aside from Baird and the director it won't be a long list. Ye , get it for me. That it? No. One more thing: a Mr. Cudd y called, said you know him. Ye ye . Said it's urgent he see you one last time. Suggested same place, seven this evening. Why? Never mind. Okay, tell him I'll be there. Back to your place? Oh game Hello, CC. I rather thought we might go to game Oh, hi, Eddie. Wanna lace up what you got on “Merrily We Dance”? It's up now. I'll put some music on it. Laurence Laurentz presents Merrily We Dance Taxi! Back to your place? Oh, what a bore. I rather thought we might go to Lake Onega for the weekend. Just the two of us. I don't have my valise I left it in your foyer. Oh, you'll get by without a change. Suits me. If you don't mind skipping out on your own party, Allegra. Suits me. And skipping out on Monty. That suits me as well. Oh, poor Monty. What Monty doesn't know. Won't hurt Monty. Oh, Monty. Come join me on the divan. It seems Allegra's a no show, which is simply a bore. But, I'll game Reverse game Reverse. Reverse. I shouldn't wear scarves. It seems Allegra's a no show, which is simply a bore. But, I'll partner you in bridge. Why the pout? It's game complicated. How pleasant to see you again, Mr. Mannix. Thanks for coming back, Mannix. Sure. You're taking us down to the wire, aren't you? It's not a ploy. It's a big decision. Absolutely! No foul. But the board was concerned when I couldn't give them a yes this afternoon, so, they've authorized me to say this. You sign on, your term of contract is years. Ye . You get it, right? That means your stock options are guaranteed to vest. You'd never have to work again, if you chose to retire after your term. Think about it. Life time employment. You wouldn't be a glorified working stiff like you are now. You'll be running a business, not a circus. Drink? Cigarette? No, no. I got to run. I should talk this over with my wife. Of course, talk it over, think about your family, let us know in the morning. Oh! If you think this is a bribe, you're absolutely right. You have two kids, right, a boy and a girl? That's right. They love this stuff. Used to be trains. Hello, Hobie. Oh, hello, Carlotta. Am I late? Oh no, it ain't nothing. Thanks an awful bunch for coming to this picture with me, I don't know if you like livestock but I think it's got moments I really do. You look very pretty Well, thank you, Hobie. I'm sure I'll like the picture I like all

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