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Thursday, June 2, 2016

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And you wouldn't want to. Thora, it's beneath you. The facts are never beneath me. People don't want the facts, they want to believe. That's our great industry, mine and yours too. They want to believe that Baird Whitlock is a great star, and a good man. You're admitting he isn't. No. I'm saying he is, though it's beside the point. There's nothing to it, nothing to the gossip. I AM NOT A GOSSIP COLUMNIST! No, no, no. Of course not. Don't confuse me with my sister! Hardly. But look game Do you have to run it tomorrow? It's my entire column. I'm happy to talk to Baird for comment, but it'll have to be this afternoon. Baird is unavailable right now. Wait one day. Thora, wait one day and I'll give you a true story for tomorrow's column. A little something game about Hobie Doyle. My readers don't care about Hobie Doyle. He wears chaps. Do they care about Carlotta Valdez? They're sweet on each other. You should see the two of them together, like peas in a pod. Trade the story of my career for a puff piece on Hobie Doyle? I don't think so. You're not trading anything, you're waiting one day on a story that's years old. Wait one day, I can let you talk to Baird and show you your story's the bunk, and if I'm wrong no skin off your nose, you run the column. In the meantime you have an exclusive, no one else knows about Hobie and Carlotta. No kidding. You're it. What kind of name is Thora, anyway? It's a name that million readers trust. Don't play games with them, Eddie. Oh, no body's playing games here. Is that big enough? Hello Eddie, I'm notifying you as a courtesy before I run tomorrow's story. Thessaly, I just saw your game never mind. How're you doing? What's the story? It's about Baird Whitlock. There is absolutely no truth to that old story, believe me! Old ? Old. Stale. Rotten. I'm talking about today. What? A little bird told me that he disappeared from the set today. Oh! That. No, no, yes, he did have to take a break. Minor injury, high ankle sprain. What did you think I meant? No, nothing. I saw your sister earlier, she was trying to resurrect some old gossip about Baird. Oh, I'm sure she was. That cow. She wouldn't know a news story if it bit her on the posterior. Ye . Well, she's game High ankle sprain? Is that really the best you could come up with? We all know about the womanizing and the drinking jags and the trips to San Berdoo. Baird is a good family man. He has a high ankle sprain. Mr. Mannix! What's up, Peanut? Natalie told me to find you PDQ. I know it sounds screwy, but she said someone's calling from the Future. The futh game Good lord. Thessaly, I have to run. If you do know where Baird is, you must let me talk to him. Sure, I'll find out where he is, right away, Thessaly, and I'm sure game Say, what kind of name is Thessaly, anyway? It's a name that million readers trust. They want the truth, Eddie. The Truth. Yes. We're going to give it to them. On . And Hobie Doyle is in there. Right. Hello, Mr. Mannix. Thanks for coming, Hobie. One second. Hello, Mannix game Damn. Hung up, Natalie. Tell me the second they call back. Yes, sir. What's going on there, Mr. Mannix? Looks like you're expecting rain. N , it's game nothing. How's the first day on the picture? Getting comfortable? Oh, I guess it's going pretty good, that Mr. uh game Laurentz, he's an awful good man, he's helping me get through it, I give him all the credit in the world, me the new hand in the bunkhouse, they got me talking a lot which takes a little game getting use to, talking with the camera looking at me but heck I enjoy. Oh, good, that's fine. Usually on a picture I just say “Whitey!” or “Whoa, there,” but, this-here it's talking, and it's people listening, that threw me little at first but I think I got my leg up onner now. That's fine. Laurence came in this morning to tell me how well you're doing. You just continue to do whatever he says. He knows how to make a quality picture. That is true, he will not quit on a take until it has quality. Is that them? Sorry sir, no, do you want Mrs. Mannix on ? Hi, hon. Hi. Oh, you know, busy. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. I thought he asked to play infield. I see. Well maybe we should make him honor that commitment. That's true. Of course you're right. Okay. Okay, I'll call the coach. Sure. Love you. I love you too. Mr. Mannix, you want me to run out and get you a bigger grip? That one looks a little bit snug. Hobie. There's a hundred thousand dollars in that attache case. Ransom money. Baird Whitlock has been kidnapped. This is bad. Bad for movie stars everywhere. And you got no idea who's mixed up in this thing? I would look at the extries. The extras. Why? Well, you just never know about an extrie. They come and go. Every one else, I'm on the set, I see the guy setting the K I think, “Why, there's old Bud, setting the K.” Script girl, wrangler, same thang. Extries, that's different. Not making a blanket call here, I mean, there's good extries and bad extries. All I'm saying. You look at an extrie, you got no idea what he's thinking. He's back, line . Hello. Do you have the money? Yes, I have it.

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