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Monday, June 6, 2016

WRTT Rocket 95.1 FM

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captain, please, I insist. I've taken up far too much of your time. Well, if that's what you'd prefer. Wilson. -Shall we? -My earring. My earring, I've dropped it. It's very precious. -Fan out, men. Fan out. -Oh, no. Earring alert. Earring alert. I absolutely must find it. Earring! Fan out! Earring! What are we looking for exactly? Earring! Earring! Earring alert. Fan out, men. Oh, I've got it. Here it is. Here it is. I'm frank. Well done, pike. -Frank pike. -Oh, my knight in shining armor. Ooh. Well, I look forward to getting to know you more in the coming days. England can sleep soundly knowing that you're watching over her. -Sir. -Thank you. Bye-bye. Cheerio. Bye. Is that everything? -Ah. Allow me. -Oh, no, it's Radios -No, it's Radios -It's my, it's my Radios -No, I'll, I'll Radios -It's my typewriter. -Oh. -I want to get a start on the article. First impressions, you understand. Hmm. Might we have tea tomorrow? Say :? Well, that would be Radios Oh, no, there's a briefing on some patrol thingy. -Patrol? -Yes, of the Dover base. Dinner afterwards, then? There must be somewhere in town. Well, yes, there's the oak hotel, but Radios :. I insist. Right. Yes. How nice. Thank you, rose. Goodbye. Goodbye. Oh. I want you to have a word with frank. He's got it into his head he wants to be a spitfire pilot. He gets dizzy standing on a chair. Well, he lives in his head, that's his trouble. Ah. Must have been a racer. Where do you keep your Radios He told me about that journalist woman. Arthur? Shall I roll out the pastry? Frank said you drove her home. Did I? Oh, yes, that's right, i believe I did. Ever so glamorous, frank said. Really? I hadn't noticed. Just you remember which side your bread's buttered. Pass me that bird. Here you go. Thank you for taking me to the pictures again, frank. It was Radios It was ever so romantic. Thanks for walking me home. Mum doesn't like me being out after dark. Ooh. What're you doing? Kissing you. What's wrong with that? People only kiss like that in the films! That's what you think. Morning, miss winters. Corporal Jones. A butcher by trade. But a soldier by nature, ma'am. More notches on my rifle than you've had hot dinners. Not that you've had too many hot dinners. You've a fine fettle of a figure, if I may say. Here. Welcome to walmington. Thank you, Mr. Jones. Good day. I saw that, Jack Jones. You just slipped her a sausage. I didn't mean nothing by it. And you never stamped her book, neither. Good morning. Lovely morning. Quite, quite lovely. Daphne longfoot. Charmed, I'm sure. Rose. Rose winters. You look busy, mister Radios Frazer. Frazer. Yes, well, with the invasion any day now, I expect business to be brisk. Yes. Private Walker. Call me Joe. Very young for the home guard, Joe. Didn't you enlist? Color blind. -Oh. -Thought it was an allergy to corned beef. Yeah, that and all. All right, lads? You need anything for that article of yours, miss winters, foolscap, ribbons, you just let me know. Will do. Bonny, bonny lass. William Hodges, ma'am, air-raid warden. Of course, it's me you should be talking to, not the home guard. I'm the one who gets things done around here. -Gas masks, air-raid warnings Radios -We are in your debt. I'm rushed off me feet. -Cheerio. -Ta-ta. Look at the color, the cut. I'm telling you, it's Chanel. I'd know it anywhere. Chanel in walmington? She seems ever so interested in hearing about your brother's cabbages, miss Godfrey. She seems most civilized. They said that about the ripper. I won the war against snails this year. Salt, that's the answer. Salt? Carry on. She'll be taking our men next. Mr. sponge said she kissed your frank, and not on the cheek. I'd look closer to home if I was you, Mrs. fox. She had a big smile on her face when she came out that butcher's just now. What's that supposed to mean? Handsome woman. Is she? Wouldn't know. Seems a good sort. To be writing about us, I mean. Seeing her again after so long is really rather discombobulating. Well, you know, confusing. Yes, I know what discombob Radios Discombobu Radios I know what it means, Wilson. So, you knew her at Oxford. I was her tutor for a while. But you two weren't Radios Weren't Radios Well, it looked like maybe you were Radios Were Radios Or had been, you know. Hmm? Oh. That? No! No, no, no. -Good lord, no. -Jolly good. Important we're clear. Parade at :. Don't be late. Morning. Good morning. Take these through to the cashier, would you, Wilson? Certainly, sir. What are you doing, pike? Radios Platoon, fall in! Platoon, right turn! Two, three, one! By the left. Quick march! Uh Radios Mr. frazer, Mr. Godfrey, about turn! Sorry, everyone. Platoon, right turn! Now, miss winters, may I say, you do look lovely tonight. I beg your pardon. Ah! Colonel. I didn't mean you look lovely. No, no, no, of course not. Far from it. Not that you look unlovely. I'm sure to many you are lovely. Not really my area. About the patrol. Ah. Yes, a great honor. Sergeant Wilson will be here any moment for your briefing. We'll crack on without him. Golf club do. Wife in the car. Your orders are simple, mainwaring. You're to stick

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