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Friday, June 10, 2016

WGIB 91.9 FM

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don't you think, sir? Pull over, Jones. Pull over, Jones. Pulling over, sir. I want a word with you, Wilson. How dare you question my authority in front of the men? Well, I just don't want anyone catching a cold. You know what frank's like. Are we nearly there yet? As you were, pike. You're trying to undermine me, usurp my position. I'm really doing nothing of the kind. Hurry up. Godfrey's gotta go. Yes, well, it won't work, you know. These pips say it all. You waft along with that superior look on your face. No backbone, that's your trouble. Well, I'm not sure that's entirely fair. Really? Well, here's your chance to prove it. You're our Nazi for the day. Really? Auf wiedersehen, Mr. Wilson. Very good, men. Breaking up the outline. You're not taking this seriously, are you, Walker? How'd you know it was me? No, thank you, pike. Ah! You put some thought into this, Jones. Thank you, captain. Mrs. fox lent it me from last year's production of Robin hood. I'm a tiny bit of Sherwood forest. Ah Radios Godfrey? You look like you're on a cruise to the south seas. Thank you so much, sir. That's very kind of you. I got the idea from a picture i saw last week, south of pago pago. I thought it was rather open air. Take it off. Captain, might I be excused, please? Certainly not. Now, listen, men. Sergeant Wilson's mission is to reach our flag undetected. So, we all need to keep our eyes peeled at all times. Listen! Something's coming. If I know Wilson, he'll have charmed his way into a lift. Conceal yourselves, men. Wait for my signal. Oh. What's up, Mr. Godfrey? Ah Radios Oh Radios Good lord. At the double, men! Halt, Nazi spy, or get all shot. Madam, I'm most terribly sorry. I thought I saw a tree move. I had to, captain. Mr. Godfrey wanted to use me as a convenience. I'm afraid my call of nature called rather loudly. I fear we mistook you for a Nazi spy. Yes, thank you, Walker. Miss winters, associated press. Captain mainwaring, walmington home guard. What a coincidence. I'm doing an article on the home guard of walmington-on-sea. For the lady magazine. Us? In a real magazine? We're going up in the world, lads. Well, you come highly recommended. Yes, well, i certainly like to think we'd give Jerry a run for his money. You've joined us in mid-operation. We're on the lookout for a spy. But don't worry, we'll catch him. Not much gets past us, i can tell you. Uh Radios You're nasty. Would you like a stab? Permission to speak, sir. -What is it, Jones? -Well, this bag. It doesn't exactly bring my blood to the boil. Well, I could stand behind if you like. I speak a little German. Is that true, Godfrey? Shall have to keep an eye on him. Yes, one of my nannies was from leipzig. Beautiful woman. Greta, her name was. All right, all right, get behind the sack! Now, incense me in the Nazi tongue. You Nazi pig dog, you! I strike you thusly! And thusly! Excellent, Jones. Hey, don't put your back out, mind. What did you say, Godfrey? What? What, sir? I said, "have you brushed your teeth, my angel?" You see, I never used to like brushing my own teeth. All right, Godfrey. All right, all right. She would do it for me, sometimes. Yes, all right. Thank you, Godfrey. Carry on, corporal. Very good, Godfrey. All right, men. Assume position! First group, ready! And charge! Second group, ready! It's a privilege to watch you all. Ah Radios They're a decent bunch. We do what we can. They'd clearly do anything for you. Must be that smile. Where on earth has my sergeant got to? Anyone for honey? -Wilson? -It is, actually, sir. How the dickens did you evade that Radios I do believe I won the exercise, sir. You did nothing of the sort, not dressed like that. You're disqualified. I thought I was being resourceful. You were being devious and underhand. It's no way for a spy to behave. Rose? It can't be! Arthur? What a remarkable thing. I'm sorry, captain. Mr. Wilson was my tutor at Oxford. Remarkable. Uh Radios Wilson, take the men home. I shall be driving miss winters up to Sully point. Oh, might I, sir? -We have such a great deal to catch up on. -Certainly not. Oh,

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