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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

WKMX 106.7 FM

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Try and take him alive, but if he won't come quietly, you know what to do. They don't like it, sir. They don't like it. Quiet, Jones! Uh Radios Follow me. Wait for my command. There he is, sir. Stand your ground, men. Jones. Very slowly, pass me the halter. Jones? Very slowly Radios Jones. Jones? There's a good bull. Eh. Good bull. Wilson, do something! Do what, sir? Anything! Just do something! Godfrey! Ole. Ole. Follow me. Okay, now. Sit. Sit. He's licking his lips. He's licking his lips! Uncle Arthur! Frank, pull yourself together! Behind you, sir, behind you! Yes. Help! Go on, Cedric! Thank you! Another successful operation. Are you out of your tiny, wee mind? We're supposed to be locking horns with the hun, not bertie the bull. Yes, well, until that day comes, frazer, we must remain sharp. Ah! What, like you, for instance? I thought he was gonna eat me, uncle Arthur. Men. My whole life just flashed before my eyes. Men. Let's get you home. You never know when Jerry might strike. Who do you think you are kidding, Mr. Churchill? Attention to detail, ladies! The sooner we get the wounded back on their feet, the sooner we shall win this war. How's that, George? It's really rather painful, dear. It's your own fault. You stood on a land mine. Up a bit. You've been shot in the leg, Joe. I know, but it goes all the way up to my Radios Hold still, you big baby! I'll not take much more of this. First, I'm bull bait, now I'm long John silver! -Lift your arm, Mr. Godfrey. -All right. You've been shot in the chest. Have I? Oh, dear. -Will I be all right? -Yes. Wonderful sights. Man and woman united in common cause. Thanks to us. I don't know what we'd do without them. Captain mainwaring. Mmm? Ah! Morning, vicar. Telephone for you. And the Morris dancers have booked the hall for :. I do hope you're not going to run over. There is a war on, you know, vicar. If we're not finished, they'll just have to prance about outside. Mainwaring. You'll have to speak up. Colonel theakes, here. Morning, sir. Not another bull, is it? Just had brigadier pritchard on the blower from hq. It's all hands on deck. And how are you today, Mr. Godfrey? I've been shot in the chest, you know. Have you really? Well, a nice spot of tea will do you the world of good. Oh. This is a waste of time. I should be going to France with the rest of them. Oh, it's not your fault you've got flat feet. People think I'm a boy. I'm not. I'm a man. Tea's up. Ooh, cake! Bagsy the pink one! And you know what he's like. If he don't get three square meals a day in him, he cries. Mainwaring? Frank. You're not listening, Arthur. He's taking Vera to the pictures again tonight. He's quite smitten with her, he is. You want some? Oh. You might pop around. I've got a rather nice pigeon off-rations from Walker. Oh, it's your favorite bird. I don't know about that. Oh, stop it, Arthur. Listen, men. Listen. I have excellent news. Colonel theakes has given us a new mission. What is it this time? Wash his car? Feed his horses? There's a line in the sand, mainwaring, and you've crossed it. He's asked us to patrol the allied invasion base at Dover. Good heavens. Blimey. This is it, men. Our chance to play a real part in this war. At last, captain. We're champing at our bits, aren't we, lads? In the meantime, we shall get back on the downs for camouflage practice. Into the Van, men, at the double. Did he say cauliflower? -No, no, camouflage. -Camouflage. -Camouflage. Okay. -Try to listen. Now, this is just what the men need, Wilson. Yes, yes, thank you, Jones. Thank you, thank you. Yes, they've been dragging their feet a bit lately. Yes, they have been a bit lax. There's no need for Latin, Wilson. If the king's English is good enough for him, it's good enough for you. You're not at Cambridge now, you know. Oxford, actually, sir. In the light of the forthcoming mission, we shall adapt today's exercise. One of the men shall be a Nazi spy. We'll drop him off at the crossroads. Are you sure that's wise, sir? Meanwhile, we shall lie in wait and attempt to intercept him. Lying in wait sounds awfully damp,

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