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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Moody Radio South 88.9 FM

Moody Radio South 88.9 FM, Online Moody Radio South 88.9 FM Radio internet, Moody Radio South 88.9 FM ABD Radio
Come on, service boy. I thought you were tougher than this. Are you gonna run away from me? Get back here. Yah Radios Mr. Atkinson, stop! Hit it. John! Steady. Steady. Get down. Go, John! John Radios Take the wheel! I'm loaded up. Steady it, steady it. No! You son of a ! Son of a ! Give me my bow. ! There's two of 'em. Let's go! Let's go! We're almost out of gas. Jacob! Jacob, you in there? Jacob! Hey, how're you doing? Jesus! You guys been in an accident? Hey, we need to use your phone. Yeah, yeah, come on in. Let's get her to the bar. Here you go. Call the police. Do you want the state police or the sheriff? The state police. Thank you. Do Radios do you want anything? I have coffee? Tea? Hello. Yeah, I'd like to report a homicide. Do you have water? Yeah. Yeah, we're at Lou's roadhouse. Yeah. Hurry up. Okay, they're on their way. They're sending a unit out. They're gonna take our story and get you to the hospital, okay? Yeah, I'm gonna go get the first aid kit. That'd be great. Thanks. Yeah. All right, I'll be right back. I Radios i Radios I just can't believe what you're saying. A whole town of cannibalistic killers? It's unreal. Now, trust me. It's very real. Where are those cops? We called them over an hour ago. Well, the nearest state police barracks is miles from here. Great. Look, can I get you anything? No, I'm fine. What the hell is this? This is business and you ed it up. I called the state police. Yeah, and I dialed, remember? Get away from me, you son of a ! You cost us a lot of money, boy. Yes, you did. . million dollars to be exact. My sister hits harder than you. Your little fire stunt costs us four month's work. What, you didn't have fire insurance? I should've put the arrow in your eye. So, let me guess. You make your product and sell it through these two nimrods and your friend over there? Cousin actually. Cousins? That explains a lot. Does it? Stop! Shut up! Get up. Stop! And you, sheriff, what? You just keep the real cops away? Yeah. And, get rid of the cars up by the lake. And, I almost forgot. I do background checks on people, too, Mr. crenshaw. Yes, John crenshaw. dundee drive. I know where you live. I know where your family lives. And when I'm done here with you, I'm gonna visit your family, and I'm gonna kill them slowly and painfully. But, not until I'm done with your little wife to be. It's a shame you're not gonna be around to see what I have planned for her. If you touch her, I'll kill you. You watch too many movies. And you, genius, do they let you do anything? Or do you just wipe his ass? Pick him up. Lift him up. So what, nothing? No more smartass remarks there, Mr. big bad Navy seal? What was that? Gotcha. Shoot him! Shut up! You're gonna let me out of here or I swear to got, I'll kill her! You see, Jacob, you were the only one I wasn't sure about. That's why I let you dial the phone. And if the state police showed up, I would've known you weren't involved. That's not the case here, is it? I'm gonna count to three and I'm going to blow her ing head off. One, two Radios Three. No bullets, asshole. Can't we just talk about this? No, we can't. Here. Listen to me. It'll be okay. Go outside, get in the car and start it up. Lock yourselves in. I'll be right out. I got to clean this up. . For everyone you murdered Radios Chris Radios Sheila, Derrick. Riley. I knew you weren't smart enough to do this by yourself. That's why I wanted to get all the players in one spot. Never threaten my family, you piece of . You think this is over? Remember their names. No! What did you do to him? I gave him what he deserved.

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