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Sunday, June 26, 2016


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thank you. You know, Riley, it's okay to be nice to people. Thank you. Hi. Hi. Got a minute? Yeah. Let's take this off you. What is this? It's beautiful. Like you. Here. Thank you. I've been racking my brain, trying to figure out how to say this. Try to be Radios Try to be funny, or creative. But you know me, I'm kind of a straightforward guy. Always trying to do what I set out to do. So Radios Selina, I love you. I wanna be with you for the rest of my life. Will you marry me? Yes. Yes! Yes, I'll marry you. Thirsty? Yeah. My god. Surprised? Yes. There you go. Thanks. To the rest of our lives. Together. I love you, John. I love you. I love you. I guess they found nature. My god. Yes. Yes, they did. What do you teach in that class? I don't know. I love the great outdoors. Me, too. I can't wait to see these pics. I know. They're gonna look great. I gotta take a piss. You're so romantic. You know, baby, I was thinking. With all those photos we took Radios make a book. You know, one of those oversized coffee table books. What do you think? What the ? That's it. Don't scream, I'm not gonna hurt you. Yeah Radios No! We don't kill breeders! I kill who I want. If I need your advice, I'll squeeze your maggot, mutant brain. You understand? Yeah. Good. Come on. Marshmallow, Mr. c? No, thanks. Where are Chris and Sheila? Probably out exploring nature, again. Pretty sure those two were part rabbit. I can't believe you guys just got engaged. I know, it's a total surprise. It's was supposed to be at a restaurant. But, that didn't work out. I think it's romantic. Yeah. Well, congrats, guys. Can I see the ring? It's so beautiful. Don't you think, Riley? Yeah. What there is of it. You're a marine, right? Seal. Our tax dollars at work. So I guess it helped pay for that? I would've gone bigger, but that's just me. So, have you ever killed anyone important? I've done a lot of things for this country. Thing's I'm very proud of and, things I'm not very proud of. You have no idea what I've seen human beings capable of doing. Never take your freedom for granted. I'm gonna get some more firewood. You are an asshole, Riley. What did I say? Do you think I should go apologize? I thing that would be a really good idea. I'm gonna go use the little girl's room. Hailey! Hailey! Yah! Don't! Don't! Stop! Let go of me! God! Shut up! Where are they? They went over. Breeders are accounted for, so is the meat. This one's mine take the meat to Earl. Prepare that little one there. And this one here, take her to my house. Nobody touches her. Go! Hey. What? What is it? What? I need to talk to you about the shipment. As long as there's no delays, otherwise you'll see Earl. No, no, there's no Radios No delays. It's just everything's going according to plan. I just need to show you something. I'll be there. Go. Okay. That girl's real pretty? Shut up and go. Okay. No! No! No, let me go! Please, no! No! Please stop! Shut up. Wait! What're you doing? Hi. Please, don't hurt me. You have pretty hands. Please stop! Let's go! Get on with it! I got better things to do. Please, no. At least you'll have company. She's purdy. Not for long. Stop! Please! No! Stop! Please! You goin' to be just like Jesus. No, no, no! Please stop! Please! Shut up! There's only one more. Please, no! No! No, please no! No! See, sweetheart. That wasn't so bad. Now this, this is gonna be bad. No, please no! No! Stop! Are we on schedule? Yeah, but Radios But what? Well, we need some more ephedra. And, well, we have enough for this shipment, but we can't make anymore without it. We're almost out. Well, I'll get you some. Anything else? Yeah. Can we get some ventilation in this shack? There's fumes everywhere. Just get it done. Understood? Yeah, yeah. Don't "yeah, yeah" me. Understood? Yes sir, cylus. Don't with me. Get me Radios get me down. Sweetheart, come on. Come on. That's a girl. Who are you? Let me down from here. I see you've met my daughter. Do you even know who my father is? Let me go. Stop it. What're Radios Listen, anything you want. Just name your price and you can have it. Just let me go. Please please. Derrick? Holy . Please just let me go. However much you want I can have it wired to an account. Just anywhere. Please. . I can Radios I can give you anything that you want if you just let me go. Just name you price. Your friend, the one in the pot, he was only about a half the pain in the ass as you are. Well, of course, there was, screaming and the, the begging, and the Radios And the crying. But then there was the realization and then Radios That. When this cold, steel blade cuts into warm flesh and that first spray of blood Radios What's left? What's left? Just the screaming, "god!" I love the screaming. Please. Whatever you want you can have it. I can have it wired to an account Radios Quiet, quiet. Please just Radios My father will give you whatever you want. Quiet! Please just let me Radios will you shut up? Now. Shut up. Come on, come on. Open up. Open. Op Radios Open up. That's a boy. No. No. Please. No. You know, what my favorite cut of meat is? Do you? Take a guess. Go on. What? No, no. I'll tell you. Now. My favorite cut of meat is an year-old girl's thigh. Yeah. You see, you have to get them before the muscles form and it gets all stringy. Because then they are nice and tender. You know, people say that fear, fear makes meat stringy and it gives it a Radios A strange wild taste, but, let me tell you from experience, a little bit of fear makes meat sweet. We don't have an year-old girl. We have you. And you will do fine. Notably, my daughter, is going to love this leg. Now, relax sweetheart. This is gonna hurt you a lot more than it's ever gonna hurt me. Well, a direct assault is a suicide. Make them come to me. God. Chris. John! I was wondering when you were gonna wake up. I must've hit you harder than I thought. Where am I? You're in my home. Well, for the time being it is. Wine? No, I don't want any wine. Where's John? Where are my students? If John is that rather intense individual who killed my men, he's dead. As far as your students, they're being well

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