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Thursday, June 30, 2016

WLOR Sunny 98.1 Fm

WLOR Sunny 98.1 Fm, Online WLOR Sunny 98.1 Fm Radio internet, WLOR Sunny 98.1 Fm ABD Radio
There Radios you're getting pretty good. Okay, okay. That's cool, that's Radios Hey. Hey, hey! Hey, ladies. Ladies, hey. Why don't y'all ditch these losers and, come out back and party with us? Can I get you a little more there? You know what? I'm all right. No, thank you. Why? We ain't good enough for you? We got party favors. I bet you taste like cherry pie. Hey, leave her alone, gomer. ! Here you go, brother. Keep the change. Thanks. What's going on here, boys? Why don't you mind your own damn business? They are my business. These rednecks were trying to take the girls out back. Your friend's got a big mouth. Yeah, he does. Look, why don't I buy you guys a round of drinks, go back and play some pool? Why don't you shut the up? You know what? Kitchen's closed. We're leaving. I'll tell you when you can leave. Now, I'm gonna give you a rare opportunity. Walk away. you. What's going on here, son? These guys attacked us, we were just trying to leave. Jacob, what's the story here? No, it's just like he said, Randall. Zeke and them started it, man was just protecting his own. You got any ID on you? Yeah. "John crenshaw." That's your SUV out there? Yes, sir. Why don't y'all pile on in and get out? Exactly what I was thinking. What, you're not gonna arrest them? My father will have your badge for this. Shut up, Riley. I'd put a muzzle on that boy. I agree. So, are we good? Yeah, we're good. Let's go, guys. Get in the SUV. Y'all drive safe, now, you hear? ! Did you guys see that? It was like a freakin' video game. All right, guys. Let's gear up. Got a three-mile hike in to the lake. Wait, i Radios I've got no service. Me neither. And you won't. This place is a huge bowl, it's a dead zone. Here, Riley, take this. I have a satphone in my backpack in case of emergencies. Is ordering dominos considered an emergency? No. All right. Let's go, guys. Whoo! My god. Sorry! I'm sorry! Babe, I'm so glad you're here. Me too. Guys, guys, guys Radios God. My god, that thing is disgusting. Hi! He's got a little afro. He's so cute. All right, guys. Everyone get him? I think it's Riley's mom. All right, guys, come on. Plenty more to see. Dont Radios don't disturb it. Don't scare it. My god, he's so cute. How much longer do we have? My feet hurt. About minutes. I bet those boots were worth all the money you paid for 'em, Riley? Shut up, Chris. All right, guys, let's make camp over here. Come on, slowpokes. Pick out a spot for your tents Radios gear down. Not bad. Yeah. Yeah, we made it. Still no service. Need a hand? I got it. You've got that backwards. I said I have it. Suit yourself. Now that we finally made it after our little hiccup this morning Radios that was a badass hiccup. Yes. Like I was saying, I want you guys to be careful while you're out there, okay? Be aware of your surroundings, but get creative. Riley, are you listening? I want you to be creative, try different compositions and settings and subjects with your cameras. 'Kay? And what am I always saying? "Remember there's beauty in everything." I love it. Okay, go. Have fun. Well, we're gonna take a little "nature walk." Yeah, we'll see you guys later. My god. Work it, baby. Guys, don't go too far. You're good with them. Never seen you in teacher-mode before. It's nice. Thank you. And thank you for helping us with our situation this morning. I'd do anything for you. How much trouble you think they're gonna get into? A lot. You wanna go? If there's a lake, I wanna go to that lake. Yeah? Yeah. Be good for taking pictures. Selina, can I ask you something? Of course, anything. How did you know that you were in love? I don't know, I'm no expert. I, I guess when you can't imagine yourself living without someone. You get that warm, fuzzy feeling and you can't help but smile. I found a turtle. You guys are scaring him. Go, go, go, go. You ruined my shot. So, is that how it is with John? Yeah, I guess so. Is that the smile you're talking about? Maybe. What about you, anyone special in your life? Derrick? I'm not gonna say anything. I never suspected. Well, I've never been in love. Amongst other things. Like? Like I've never had Radios ? Yeah. That's okay. You have plenty of time for that. It'll happen when you're ready. Thank you. You're welcome. Now, why don't you go join Derrick and help him tame that turtle? I'm gonna go find my Beau. All right, I will. Thank you, selina. Okay. You're welcome. This looks like a great spot, baby. Yeah. . Pretty. Let's see some of the natural beauty that selina was talking about. You got it. Okay, stay there. You got this. Come on, I got you. There you go, good job. Yeah. Thanks, babe. Okay, this is your spot. Use it. Sorry. My god. Yes. You have the perfect canvas. Okay. So, you know what to do. I got this. Just use the moves that we practiced. There we go. My god, yes. Baby, how are you so hot? Okay, wait. Let me go set it up. Hold on. I'll be right back. I promise. Okay, hurry. I'm setting this for Radios seconds. Okay. What're you doing? You ruined my shot! Always be aware of your surroundings. I think the words you're looking for are

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