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Monday, July 4, 2016

WQLT-FM Q 107-107.3 FM

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Yeah. My god. I'm so excited. Thank you. I'm gonna go take a bubble bath, and then I'm going to thank you properly. Can't wait. Always have a contingency. Everything's packed in the car except this. Thanks, baby. Okay. What's that? Well, sweetie, back in the seals we called this a gun. I know it's gun, you smartass, but it stays here. Yeah. You know how I feel about those things. Yeah, I know, but I kinda like to have it with me. My little seal. You're always prepared. That's the boy scouts. Okay, we're going on a photography camping trip. We're not taking out Isis. You left the seals a long time ago, and all those dangerous missions. You're not that guy anymore. Okay. Okay. Is my knife okay? Can I bring that? Yes, you can bring your knife. I may need you to whittle me a marshmallow stick. I'll give you marshmallow stick. Come here. God, I love you. I love you too. And thank you for coming with us. It really means a lot. It'll be fun. Yeah. Come on, let's go. Okay. Thanks for driving, John. No problem. Yeah. Thanks, Mr. crenshaw. Not sure my pimp-mobile would've made it. Yes, thank you, Mr. crenshaw. Hey, did you guys all know that sapphire lake is one of the oldest lakes in the state? And in the early s, they built these small mining towns in the area. Really? Slugbug red! How you two doing back there? Got enough room? We're great, thanks. It's cozy. How much longer? About three more hours. Hey, Mr. crenshaw, I think you might need to clean that backseat. I think I'll be okay. Guys, call me John. Okay, John. How about you, Riley? You ready to get out there and get some, really cool nature shots? No, I'm not. I just signed up for this stupid class because I needed three more credits to graduate and I thought it would be easy. Now I'm stuck here with all of you. Well, it would be easy if you got a little creative and actually did the work. Whatever. What kind of car is this, anyway? It's a Tahoe. I think my dad's gardener drives one of these. I thought it would be bigger. Nice kid. Can't be without my gun. Dad, Riley's touching me. Seriously? Come on, man. Lighten up, dude. What? What's your problem? Jeez. Are we there yet? Are we close? We're getting close, guys. Hey, John, can we stop? I could use a burger. Yeah, I'm hungry too. How about you two lovebirds back there? You guys hungry? Yeah. We could eat. I'm starved. Let's eat. Let's eat, guys. Yeah. Babe, are you coming? Yeah, I just gotta check on the gear. I think one of these tie downs is a little loose. Okay, I'll see you inside? Yeah. You're a soldier? You're a soldier, right? Yeah, I was. Me too. It's too much war. Too much. War everywhere. There's war here, too. What do you mean? War's not always between two countries. There are big wars, and there are little ones that sneak up on you. Stab you in the back. Be careful, soldier. Yes, sir. How you doing? Hey, good. What can I do for you? Just a coke. Hard stuff? I'm driving. The hell was that? That was ridiculous. Yeah, you looked like you were gonna poop your pants. Did it happen, I mean Radios are you kidding me? There's only one bathroom in this hole? You could use the ladies room. I can't wait till we get out to the lake. Me and Sheila are gonna take some artistic nudes. Sweet! What about you, man? What're you gonna shoot? As little as possible. Hey, dude, you have the best equipment money can buy. You should have fun with it, get weird. Yeah, man, you got slammin' stuff. Okay, whatever. Hey. Careful, moron. These boots cost more than your truck. Shut the up, asshole. . Dude, he'd cut your dick off. Hey, where you headed to? Heading up to sapphire lake. Good hunting and fishing. I used to go up there when I was a kid with my cousins. Yeah. I used to do a lot of fishing with my dad when I was growing up. What're you doing up there? It's a nature photography trip. You don't really look like the nature photography type. I'm just tagging along on this one. Yeah. Riley, you sure you're gonna be able to eat here? I mean, it's not a star restaurant or anything. There's literally nothing here or anything.

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