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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

90.3 FM Birmingham

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Due to the hijacking of Pan Am flight in Karachi Radios Radios the situation continues to be tense. Even after hours of negotiations Radios Radios things are at an impasse. It's being said that these terrorists Radios|ong to Pa|estine's Abu Nidal Group. There are more than Indian passengers and flight crew on the plane. Three men are in airport security uniforms. Yes. This guy is wearing a pathani suit. Look at him carefully. He is their leader. We have entry points. These two in the front. The five of you will go in first Radios Yes sir. Radios from this entry point. Yes, sir! Please protect my daughter! Please protect my daughter! Please protect my daughter! Sir. The target has opened the A window shutter. What's the order, sir? Don't shoot until you see all four targets. Sir, the plane lights are off! The auxiliary power's run out. Let's go. Military has cut the power for the plane! They are going to enter the plane! The military won't enter! Only the light has gone off sir! The military won't come inside. Sir Radios the battery is down sir! That will put the passengers in danger. The time has come! Everything will be over now! Fahad! Mansoor! Fahad! Kill them! It's time. It's just the emergency lights! Shut up! Sir the auxiliary power has run out. Sit down! Shut up! Come on, come on! Let's go out! Come on, get out! Come on, slide down! Out! Out! Sanjana, come quickly. Let's go. Come. Come on, move! Come on, move quickly! Slide down! Please open the door, sir. I'll help you. Come on. Let's g! Out! Come out! Come out! Sir, come out! Mansoor! No, Fahad. If you throw the grenade we'll all die! We're already dead, Mansoor! We can survive Fahad! Let's go son. Leave her, come with us. We can still escape, Fahad! Neerja, come on. You go, I'm just coming. Ma'am come! Leave us. Mama come. Come, come. Samar, carefully! Jump, jump! Neerja, get down! Neerja, let's go! Sir, come on, sir. Mama! I want my mama! Neerja aunty, save us! We want our mama. Please save us! Please! Help me please! Come, come on. We have to go down this slide. Come on. Come with me. Jatin Radios get down. Go down. No, no, no Radios do you have any idea what we're going through. I want to know the status of purser Neerja Bhanot. No, I will not hold the line anymore. I'm tired of holding the line! Hello. Hello. Hello. Why are you crying, son? Why are you crying? Your sister will be fine. Be quiet. Come here. She will be fine. Why is he crying? This is bad, you shouldn't cry like this. Don't cry. It brings bad luck. Mr. Harish Radios Radios but there's a lot of confusion here. It's difficult to get any information. Give me some time Radios I'll call you as soon as I find out anything. Can you hear me? Hello. Yes Radios thank you. Bye. Rama. Let's go. Come on. Shall we go? Come, son. Let's go. Hello. Welcome home! Look Radios Radios on your birthday. Mama remembers, darling. Neerja's mom. She sent a message for you. What? ‘Pushpa, I hate tears.‘ Neerja is no more. It's been over a year Radios It's hard to believe. So cheerfu| Radios so full of life Radios Radios so Radios happy-go-luck‘l- And she Radios Radios passed away on her rd birthday. At first, it really hurt that Radios she sacrificed her life for her passengers. She didn't even think about her mama once? Everyone asks me Radios Radios what kind of upbringing did you give your daughter Radios Radios that she grew up to be as brave as a soldier Radios Radios that the guns didn't scare her. I didn't even know that Radios Radios my daughter was so brave Radios Radios and such a good hearted child. In fact, I would keep nagging her. "Don't work so hard." "Lower your eyes while walking." "Mind your own business." "Think about your own honor and life, when in danger." Isn't that what we teach our daughters? We consider our brothers to be the brave ones. Sisters expect their brothers to protect them. No one ever asks a sister for protection. That's how I raised Neerja as well. That's how I raised Neerja as well. You could share a laugh with her Radios Radios make her recite any of Rajesh Khanna's dialogues. But I wonder how this child Radios Radios turned out to be so completely different. Her horoscope said Radios Radios that she was destined to be a shining light. But when you lose your year old daughter like this Radios Radios that pain is impossible to describe. There can be no bigger pain in the world than losing one's child. At times, I felt like dying too. People tell me that Neerja isn't dead, she has become immortal. I console myself Radios Radios that my Laado's become immortal. But what about the haunting thought Radios that I'll never see my daughter again. The night she was leaving for her last flight Radios Radios I kept nagging her repeatedly. "Do this Radios don't forget this Radios do that Radios " And she left. I wish I had taken her in my arms just once Radios Radios and hugged her tight. Just once. When Neerja received the highest honor for bravery, the Ashok Chakra Radios Radios President Gyani Zail Singh consoled me. He said Radios

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