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Saturday, July 16, 2016

WAYE La Jefa 98.3 1220 AM

WAYE La Jefa 98.3 1220 AM, Online WAYE La Jefa 98.3 1220 AM Radio internet, WAYE La Jefa 98.3 1220 AM ABD Radio
What are you doing here? What are you doing here? Go down now. Are you hearing me? Khalil. Khalil! The devil is playing with us. Go down now. NOW! I know what to do. Brother. Brother? Brother? Yes. Imran's no more. If the pilots don't get here Radios Radios then each and every one Radios Keep talking to them. Sit. Sit! You killed? Yeah, I killed him. You next? You next? Sit down! Where's the radio engineer? Where? Oh Radios dead. He's dead! I want my mother. Me too. I want my mother. Me too. We'll all go home soon, okay. Eat something. Here. Mom, I am not hungry. I made this specially for you, you must eat one. I've a sore throat, so it hurts. What do you feel like eating? I don't want anything. Seriously, I don't want anything. It'll get wasted. How about we ask Sharma aunty Radios Radios to teach us how to make chow mein. If you learn to cook a few things Radios Radios you'|| have fewer problems when you go back. I feel if Laado can mould herself Radios Radios then things will be better. I don't mean that she isn't trying Radios Who said she is going back? Instead of making her understand, you are encouraging her. Girls always have to be the ones to adjust. Can we discuss it some other time? Let's talk about this later. Will things get better by brushing this under the carpet? There are differences in every marriage. You can't give up on your marriage, dear. You don't know everything Radios Then tell me. What happened? Let's first finish.. Laado! Laado! What's that? Naresh wrote letters to papa. "Dear sir, I don't like that Radios Radios you keep calling up your daughter so often." "No respectable father will ever let his daughter model Radios " "If you call Neerja to Mumbai again Radios " " Radios then don't bother sending her back." "Even a poor man sends his daughter with gifts when she gets married." "You sent Neerja empty-handed." "Harish Radios your daughter doesn't know basic chores Radios even cleaning." "She is of no use to me" Mummy, I swear, I tried to do everything. I swept and mapped the floors Radios Radios washed clothes, cleaned the utensils. When I came back home, the wound on my head Radios Radios wasn't because I slipped and fell. I am sorry, papa. No, dear. I couldn't be your brave girl. I ran away. No, dear. No, dear. I don't want to die before I am actually dead, mom. I won't send my Laado anywhere. I'll be right back. What? I'll give everyone something to eat. Aren't you hungry? Go! I need help to distribute refreshments. Let's just give food to everybody, okay. Neerja, do somethingmplease Radios Some more. Hey Radios move back! Back! Give! Please read this. On my signal, you have to open the emergency exit. Get water. Go! Move! Back! Back! Hello! Hello! Hello! Come on. Sir. Yes. people are trapped on that plane. Don't you think this can be quite humiliating for Pakistan? Why should it be humiliating for Pakistan? The terrorists are not from Pakistan. The passengers‘ safety is our priority. We're doing the best we can. Sir Radios Yeah. What are the demands of these people? We're trying to talk to them. As soon as we come to know, we'll let you know. Sir Radios if we can't fulfill their demands Radios Radios then what will the government's stance be? Do you think that the Pakistani government is sitting idle? You two will cover this section. Yes sir! Water. "Neerja Radios " "I have been eagerly waiting for your birthday." "I've re-written this letter times." "But I finally found the courage to give it to you today." "Neerja I know that you're afraid." "Your fear is completely justified." "Fear eventually gives us courage." "Your past will try to stop you from moving on in |ife." "But even with that fear, move one step forward for my sake." "Marry me, mademoiselle." "You are the one who believes that life should be big, not |ong." "Let's live a big and grand |ife." "Please say yes." "By the way which film is that dialogue from? Safar right?" Anand you idiot. Good evening. This is All India Radio. You're listening to the news with Vandana Mehta. In the headlines.

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