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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

WSM 650 AM

WSM 650 AM, Online WSM 650 AM Radio internet, WSM 650 AM ABD Radio
She wants to wear that. I am coming too. Aneesh, stay close to the phone. If papa calls tell him we'll be back in half an hour. There are no American passports! No American passports? No American. Hey Radios come here. Quickly Radios quick|y Radios quick|y. No Americans? Sir, I don't know sir. Huh? I don't know, sir. No Americans? I don't know. Brother! What are you doing? I was checking whether she's hiding the American passports. Get all UK passports. Fast! Ronnie Heston! Ronnie Heston! Ronnie Heston! Ronnie Heston! Ronnie Heston? No! Kill all English passengers. Ronnie? Ronnie Heston! Who's Heston Ronnie? Ronnie Heston! Ronnie Heston! I am Ronnie Heston! Get up! Please Radios Get up! Move! Shoot you! Shoot you! Shoot all of you! Move! Shut up! Shut up! Wonderful! English, huh! Wonderful! Let's kill him, so that they send us the pilots sooner. We have to keep the passengers alive. It's been more than hours. The negotiator is stalling us. Let's kill this Englishman. Be patient. No time for patience Radios we must open the door right now Radios Radios and kill this Englishman. Brother! Stop! I say kill the Englishman. Look he's back. Are you hearing me? Because we had sealed the airport it's taking time for the pilots to reach. Keep your mouth shut! Where are the pilots? Pilot! How much time? There's a radio engineer present on the plane. Radio! Now you can communicate with us through him on the radio. Name? His name is Imran Ali! Imran Radios Imran Ali. Imran Ali. Now you can communicate with us through him on the radio. Imran Ali! Imran Ali! Who Imran Ali? Imran Ali! Imran Ali! Imran Ali! Imran Ali! Imran Ali! Imran Ali! Imran Ali! Imran Ali! Imran Ali! You won't tell me? I'll shoot him! I'll shoot him! I Radios I am Imran Ali. Why did you keep quiet earlier! Imran! Sir Radios Sir Radios he Radios Shut up! Sir, please Radios Shut up! He can help you. Please don't hit him! How will he help us? Help? Sir, he was very scared, sir. Come on. Come Radios Sir he can help you sir! I announced! Announcement! Sir, he can help you. Announcement! Sir, he can help you! No American! Announcement Radios radio engineer! You wait Radios Mansoor Radios I'm taking him upstairs. You keep an eye on the Englishman! Sir please Radios Sit! Sit! Shut up! Sit. Sit. Iam owing- Come. Go on. Khalil, control the passengers! Come on. Windows Radios shut them. Let me talk to them. Yes, speak. Fast Radios time! The French crew pilots will be here soon. How much longer? They're asking how much longer will it take. Like I said, Imran, they will be here soon. I have only one request. Please let the women and children go. No women Radios no children! Pilot! Pilot! The pilots are on their way, please be patient. Tell him! Pilot! Pilot! Pilot! At least give me enough time Radios Radios to get information from Imran. Please hurry up. Five minutes. Five minutes. Okay, brother. I'll let you know in a while. Be patient. Why you not tell? Imran Ali? Huh! Why? Come here. Come. Hero, huh! Sing. Last song Radios sing. Sing for them. Sing. Sing loud! Sing the song. I don't want to sing. You don't want to sing? No, I don't want to sing. Sing! Please Radios Down! Sing! Sing! Okay, don't sing. Okay, okay, I'll sing. Sing! Sing! ‘ I'|| sing! Sing then! "When will you come, Oh the woman of my dreams!" "It's a fine day, when will you come?" Louder Radios "Come, Oh dean." Loud, loud Radios "Oh the woman of my dreams!" For everyone. "When will you come.." "It's a fine day, when will you come?" "Come, Oh dean." Sing louder, or I'll shoot this one. I want my mom. "When will you come, Oh the woman of my dreams!" "It's a fine day.." Go sit. Hero. Go! Go, g, °- ‘Laado!’ "Teach me to walk again, lift me in your arms, mom!" "Wipe my face with your shawl, wherever you spot some dirt." "When life stares down at me." "I remember your words.." "You're the one who scolded me for my mistakes!" "Why isn't the whole world like you, mom?" "I want to complain about everybody, they trouble me, mom." "Give me shelter, call me to you, my heart is with you." ‘Laado!’ He needs to use the washroom urgently. Your p|ane Radios country Radios Hey! What are you saying? Stand up! Hey! Go back. He needs to use the washroom. Go back. He's just a kid, let him go. Go back! He needs to go to the bathroom. Go back. Let them go. I'll keep a watch. What do you mean let them go? He's just a kid Radios Is he your kid? Brother, he's just a small kid. That's the least we can do. Please control your anger. Control my anger? Are you trying to teach me? Yes. Yes? You are trying to teach me? Khalil! What are you doing? What's going on here? What's going on here? Why? Why? He Radios If we fight with each other the passengers will overpower us! Where's your head? I'm sorry, aunty. It's okay. It's okay. mm it! Shhh. Come, come, come. Move! Go! It's okay. Open! Little time? Little time! You need more time. This is not a Pakistani airline. So the pilots are taking longer to get here. Tell him! How much longer? More time? minutes. minutes. Radios Radios You're letting them fool you.

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