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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Star 99.1 Fm

Star 99.1 Fm, Online Star 99.1 Fm Radio internet, Star 99.1 Fm ABD Radio
of it's crew, sir. And what about the airhostesses? They are also a part of Pan Am. What about them? What can I say! That's our policy. Sorry. Excuse me. Hello. Hello, Harish. I'm glad you called. I've been getting this strange sinking feeling. Wellmactually Radios Radios Laado's plane which had gone to Karachi Radios Radios has been hijacked. And Radios Neerja? Neerja's Radios on board the flight. We Radios we Radios Mushtaq just informed me. Rama, don't worry. I Radios I Radios Imean Radios I'm still at the office. Just look after yourself, I Radios Everything will be okay. Nothing will happen to our Laado. Don't worry. I Radios I'|| call you Radios What if the pilots don't come? Wait. Open. Open! Shut up! Shut up! Please Radios Shut up, sit down! Sit down! Sit down! Sit down! Sit down! Sit down! Sit down! Pilots! Pilots! My team is trying to get you pilots. Sit down! Sit down! Please be patient. minutes Radios minutes Radios over! Brother, they're almost here. minutes! No pilots! minutes! Violence won't serve any purpose. We'll solve the problem together. Please be patient. Pilots! I'm here to help you. Shoot! The longer you take, more people will die! Move it! Sit down! Down! Down! Open door! Neerja Radios come on baby. Neerja Radios Neerja! Neerja! Will you call your father again? Once again Naresh is the bad guy, huh! Who do you think you are? I've been keeping count. Been writing down every detail. Every phone call Radios every food delivery, I'll make your father pay for everything. Get it? You just come out. Come out Neerja! Come out! Open the door. Stay strong Radios it solves every problem. And secondly Radios Don't ever do or tolerate something that's wrong. Who's my brave girl? Who's my brave girl? Me. Open the door. Or I shoot! Why move? Why move? I tell you to move? We shot the wrong man. Shou|d've shot her. Tina! Debina! What? What? Water. Go back. No water. No water. Sir, please. No water! Sir, I am only doing my job. I'm performing my duty, just like you are. Do it fast. Brother Radios Tough times, Inzamam. Yes. Have you sealed the airport? Yes, the airport has been sealed. Sir Radios the terrorists are from ANO. Abu Nidal Organization? Yes. Sir, they will keep the passengers hostage Radios Radios unti| their jailed comrades in Cyprus are freed. You'll have to stall them for hours till I get there. I'm trying my best. But they sound very restless and nervous. Thankfully the pilots managed to escape. All thanks to that Purser Radios Neerja Bhanot Radios Neerja Bhanot Radios Radios who gave them the Hijack code at the right time. Brother. They are taking too long. Let's kill another hostage. Let's kill her. She is trouble. No! She is not an American, plus she is the only one who is able to function. Get all the passports from the passengers. First American passports, then others. Okay? Hey Radios come here. Make Radios Uhhh Radios Brother! What's the word for 'E|aan'? Announcement. Announcement. MBkE BHHDUHCEITIEHI. Passports Radios of Radios all the passengers. Collect. Quickly. We need your passports. We want your passports. Please keep your passports ready with you. Keep your passports with you. Passports! Shut up! Shut up! We will come and collect them. Only the cabin crew will come and collect them. Only the cabin crew will take your passports. Shut up! Please calm down. You'll be safe if you cooperate with us. Please keep calm and cooperate with us. Nothing will happen to you. Please listen to me. Please leave us! No clever. For passports. No American passports. No American passports. No American passports. No taking American passports. No American passports? All passports! Passports! Sir passports! Sir. Ma'am, passport. Thank you. Will you return it? Move! Shut up! Do as they say. Your passport. Fast! Fast! Passports? Passports! Where passport? Passports? I'll get it. Move! Move! Brother! Yes. Hello, Rama. The government is negotiating with the terrorists. You know, when she returned from her hijack training Radios Radios I made it very clear. Forget your training and all that Radios if you're in danger, just run for your life. But she never listens to me. Rama, I hope Laado Radios I hope! What do you mean I hope? Laado's going to be fine. She's absolutely fine. Absolutely Radios Absolutely Radios She's absolutely fine. Harish Radios we had two sons Radios Radios yet I kept praying for a daughter. Isn't it? Yes. At the time of her birth Radios Radios there was a threat to her life, and mine too. But Radios she didn't give up and neither did I. So Radios God finally had to answer our prayers. Yeah.. So Radios who can snatch her from us now? Don't worry. Absolutely Radios percent Radios Okay. She'll come back Radios Just watch. She wants that yellow dress on her birthday. I'll go get that. Okay? She will definitely come back. Don't you worry. What did papa say? Wait. Where are you going? They have no news yet. Actually Radios I Radios I just need to go to the market. Why do you need to go to the market now, mom? I have to buy that yellow dress for Laado.

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