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Thursday, July 28, 2016

WDJR The Legend 96.9 FM

WDJR The Legend 96.9 FM, Online WDJR The Legend 96.9 FM Radio internet, WDJR The Legend 96.9 FM ABD Radio
Hijacked? Saad, clear this crowd. Please sit down. Please come into my cabin, let's talk there. Please, this way. This side. Please come. Rehman, re-route all planes via Lahore. Yes sir. This side. Excuse me sir, please don't hurt her. Sit down! Rahul, sit down. Sit down! One second! Sit down. Sir please sir. Who do you think I am? Who do you think I am? Sorry! Sorry! Who do you think I am? Look at me! I said sorry! Look at me! Look at me! I am an American! I'll show you my passport! Stay there! How will we reach Cyprus? If the plane doesn't take off they are no good to us. Brother! Shut up! Let's kill all of them here if we can't reach Cyprus. Their dead bodies will get our brothers released from jail. Kill them all! We have to keep these passengers alive. That's the only way to get the pilots. Sit. Sit here. So did you leave the engine running? Yes. Yes, we followed protocol, so we left the engine running. Great! We evacuated the cockpit. My passengers are on board. There's over passengers. What do we do now? You, get up. Announcement! Announcement! I Radios I Radios I'|| make the announcement. I'll make the announcement. I Radios Sit here! Announce! Everyone Radios silent. Si|ent Radios otherwise kill everyone. Iam Neerja Bhanot. I'm the Head Purser on this flight. Our pilots are not in the cockpit right now. We do not have any pilots. Everyone please stay calm and cooperate with them Radios Radios and I promise nothing will happen to you. They have no enmity with any of you. Please Radios lower your hands. No! No hands down! No hands down! Hands up! Up. All up! I am trying to help you. If they stay calm and cooperate Radios Radios and if they are reassured, then it'll make things easier for you. Please understand. Please. Let the passengers lower their hands. Please Radios please put your hands down. Hands down! Hands down, everyone. Sir, there are approximately Pakistanis Radios Did I ask you how many Pakistanis are on board? What do you want me to do? Go up there, check their passports. Save the Pakistanis Radios Radios and offer my regrets to the rest? Sorry, sir. Give me that! Arrange for a van to go to the tarmac. Okay, sir. And Radios Yes, sir. I want a camera on the roof. I want photographs of the hijackers. Sit up. My name is Inzamam. I'm coming to help you out. Are you hearing me? I'm coming to help you out. We should ask for pilots Radios Otherwise we'll shoot the passengers. Whatever your demand.. I will try to fulfil your demand. Shutter down! Shutter down! You shutter down! Shutter down! Shutter down! Shutter down! Shutter down! Shutter down! Down! Shutter down! Down! Quickly! Come on! Let the ladies and children go. Brother! How will we talk to them? We shouldn't open the door. We need a radio operator to talk to people at the ATC. Go Radios announcement! Radio operator Radios plane. Radio operator. Announce! Is there a radio engineer on our flight? Radio engineer. Fast! Is there a radio engineer on our flight? Radio engineer! I'm coming to help you out. Radio engineer! Is there a radio engineer on our flight? Radio engineer? Radio engineer? Do we have a radio engineer on our flight? Radio engineer? There is no radio engineer on our flight. Until you talk to me.. will I know what your demands are? Name Radios Sir Radios I Radios I'm an American. I'm not an Indian. I'll show you my passport. One second. American! Yeah, one second. I'll show you. Sir, sir, sir Radios Don't hit him! Sir, sir, sir Radios wait. Don't hit her. Don't hit her, sir. Don't hit her. Don't hit her, sir. Brother! Take me instead. Sit there! Sit there! Otherwise I will kill you. Sit straight. Kill me. American. Kill me. Shut up. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me. Let him go. Pi|t Radios ! Pi|t Radios ! We are unarmed! No arms! Pi|t Radios ! Kill! Send the pilot. I will convey your demands to my authorities. Pi|t Radios ! The pilots will come. No! We have to talk to him. Be patient. Please stay calm! minutes! Pilot no Radios Kill! minutes are less, brother! I'll speak to the authorities on your behalf. I'm sure they'll agree to your demands. minutes! Just a little more time. . Give us a little longer, brother. One passenger Radios ki||! I'm here to help you. ! No pilot Radios kill! Kill everyone! They are innocent. They are not at fault. I kill! Everyone! minutes! I am getting your demands processed. Give me a little time. Please be patient. Stair Radios Van Radios Move Radios I'll get it moved. I'll get it moved. There's Radios Radios some news that Radios Radios some flight has been hijacked. Hijack? Pan Am flight. Which flight was she on? Pan Am , but Radios You know what Radios Are you sure Radios I'll call our guy Ismail, and confirm this Radios Radios and check what's going on. Imean Radios Radios |et's not speculate. Give me five minutes, okay. And I'll get back to you. Just five minutes, you relax. Sit down. I'll be back in five minutes. How can you not send me the pilots? Sir, Karachi Airport is your responsibility. See what is the best you can do, but Radios Radios Pan Am can't risk any

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