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Thursday, August 18, 2016

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ive when we reach this house. But that's not true! I haven't seen Mrs. Richmond since this terrib e thing happened. And I must speak to her for a few minutes a one. Very we. In any case, I have no further questions for Mrs. Richmond at the moment. You don't seem to understand. Char es was murdered! You said he was a ive when we brought him home. Now they' think Radio That's what we agreed! I didn't know you to d omer otherwise. I cou dn't change my story within minutes. And why did you et him into the room, anyway? I thought he was the doctor you'd sent! Why didn't you ring me? I was going out of my mind waiting. What can I te them now? How can I exp ain taking the body ashore? We' just have to te them what happened. What do you mean? We , that we deceiv everyone into thinking he was sti a ive, That you didn't ca a doctor Because you were waiting for me to register the wi. In any case, don't say any more unti we've spoken to the awyers. But they said Char es was poisoned! They think I did it! Oh, that's absurd. You had every reason to keep him a ive. Who ki him, Tony? Who cou d have done it? Who ki him? Oh, they' find that out. You just speak the truth, you have nothing to fear. And remember, I' be with you. I am engaging a awyer on Mrs. Richmond's beha f. By a means. Mrs. Richmond, I must ask you not to eave the house. Why? Is she under arrest? No. But in her own interest, It wou d be best for her to remain here. Very we. I' arrange for the awyers to come here. Thomas? Yes, sir. I want a word with you, p ease. I read the statement that you gave to Sergeant Peters. You're quite certain that Mr. Richmond was a ive When you whee him off the yacht? Yes, sir, quite certain. Did he speak to you? No, sir, he wasn't we. You're not sorry he's dead. You and your brother hat the o d man, didn't you? He wasn't easy. So I gathered. There's nothing you want to add to that statement? No, sir. Thank you. What wou d you say the re ationship was between Mr. And Mrs. Richmond Before they were married? She hat him. Hated? That's a strong word. How did she show this hatred? She insu t him in front of us, shout at him. In front of the crew? Severa times. Then she went ashore, wa k out on him. She came back. That doesn't indicate hatred. Mr. Richmond brought her back. Brib her, I dare say. Brib her to marry him? Perhaps. And after they were married? We , she seem to get more fond of him, but I knew she was acting. Why do you say that? Because of the time I saw her and Anthony Richmond together. Together? Doing what? She was embracing him. Don't you mean they were embracing? From what I saw, he was just being po ite. She was eading him on. She was after him, a right. I see. Where does this ring? The steward's quarters. But there is no one there. Do you want something? No. No. You were one of the witnesses to the chang wi , I be ieve. I was. What was Anthony Richmond's reaction? We , he disagre with it as far as Mrs. Richmond was concerned. He thought Mr. Richmond cou dn't be sure of her. Thank you. I wou dn't ike the job of hand ing her defense. You say you brought your husband's body ashore, Mrs. Richmond, Pretending he was sti a ive. Why did you do that? My husband had made out a wi in Majorca eaving a his money to me. I knew that it had to be register here before it was va id, And I want peop e to be ieve that he was a ive unti after that was done. I know that sounds bad, ca cu ating and bad, But that's what I did. I'm te ing the truth. I got him ashore and into the house. Everyone says he was a ive when he reach the house. The servants, the chauffer. But they were meant to think that, don't you see? I may do, Mrs. Richmond. But the po ice think you're ying. I am not ying! Why shou d I invent such a story? Perhaps for this reason. If your husband had di on the yacht, Many peop e might have ki him. In this house, On y you. But he di on the yacht! Aren't you my awyer? Don't you be ieve me? To he p you, I have to ook at things from every side. This story of the wi , Is that what you have to d the po ice? No, I haven't to d them about the wi.

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