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Monday, August 22, 2016

90.3 FM Birmingham

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Not at the moment. Thank you, Baines. Mr. Richmond? Then find him! I want Mr. Richmond, do you hear? I want Radio Mrs. Richmond, my name is omer. I've come about your husband. Oh, thank God. P ease come in. I've been expecting you. Why haven't you c os his eyes? Oh, I cou dn't. I cou dn't touch Radio You arriv back in Eng and yesterday? Yes. When did your husband die? On the yacht, before we docked. What did you think caus his death? His heart. He was a sick man. He cou d we have gone any time. Who brought him up here? One of the servants. He notic nothing? No. He thought he was s eeping. But if you knew he was dead, why did you bring him a the way here? Why didn't you inform the harbor po ice when you docked? But Radio Why are you asking me a this? Dr. omer, you Radio "Doctor" omer? I'm afraid there's been some misunderstanding. Baines ca me. I'm not a doctor. I'm a po ice officer. Morning, Baines. Good morning, sir. Mrs. Richmond is waiting. Before I see Mrs. Richmond, There are one or two questions I wou d ike to ask you. Certain y, sir. Mr. Richmond was a ive when you took him upstairs. Are you quite positive of that? Yes, sir, he was s eeping. S eeping? Cou d you have been mistaken? Perhaps he was dead. No, sir. Can you be sure? Certain y, sir. How? I heard him breathing. Actua y heard him? There is nothing wrong with my hearing, Or any of my facu ties, for that matter. No one enter the room with Mr. Richmond beside his wife? On y myse f, sir. I brought dinner on a tro ey and took it away. For two? Yes, sir, they both had dinner. I see. When did you become worri about him? When I went to his room yesterday morning, Mrs. Richmond wou dn't et me in. Didn't want me to serve breakfast. I cou d see Mr. Richmond sti sitting there in his chair. I fe t sure that something was wrong. Wrong? That he was dead. So I ca you. Permit me, sir. Thank you. Come in. You sti insist that your husband di on the yacht, Mrs. Richmond? Yes, he did. What did you do when you went to the cabin and found him dead? I rang for he p. Rea y? And no one came? No. I don't know why. I don't think the be cou d have been working. Why didn't you go to the captain? I didn't go to the captain because I Radio I was too upset. I see. What were your fee ings for Mr. Richmond? I mean, did you find him an easy person to get on with? I grew to understand him. Marriage soften his nature? It seem to. But he remain a difficu t man? Not to me. He was happy. A happy man, with a wi to ive. Wou d that describe him? He had the wi to ive. He knew his condition. Before you were married, you were his nurse, I be ieve. Yes. And after the marriage, you continu to nurse him? Natura y. So whatever medicines were given to him, Sedatives, s eeping drafts, and so on, You gave him, no one e se? No one e se, no. He had no access to medicines without your know edge? No. And from the moment you arriv back, No one was with your husband except yourse f? No. What medicines did you give him? None! I to d you! He was dead. He di at sea. So you say. But if, in fact, he di here, You were the on y person with him. But he didn't! He di on the yacht from a heart attack. Wherever your husband died, He did not die of a heart attack. He di of barbiturate poisoning. Mrs. Richmond, your husband was murdered. He was not! It's not possib e. That's impossib e! She cou dn't have done it. Have you charg her? Not yet. What was your re ationship with Mrs. Richmond? Quite norma. I sti can't take this in. But you didn't approve of her marriage to your unc e? We , frank y, not at first. I was afraid she was marrying him for his money. I see. And after the marriage, were there any hints That she might want to get rid of him? Good God, no! In fact, she did seem to deve op a genuine affection for him. She's been asking to see you. Have you any objection? Of course not. I want to he p in any way I can. Mrs. Richmond, wou d you repeat what you to d us About your husband's death? Tony, they don't be ieve me. Te them he was dead on the boat. Is that so? I to d you. Wou d you repeat it, p ease? My unc e was a

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