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Friday, August 26, 2016

Kool 96.9 FM Chelsea

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and in the distance. I've cook you eggs and bacon for breakfast. What do you say to that? Char es? Char es! Tony. Tony! He o! He is dead. Char es is dead! What? Dead? Oh, my God! How? I don't know. I went to his cabin for breakfast with him. His eyes were open and staring. I Radio Are you sure he's dead, Not unconscious? He's dead. We , that's that. The wi is not va id. It hasn't been register yet. You won't get a penny. A those months of waiting, A that money. We came so c ose to it, within hours. Just a minute. Have you to d anyone he's dead? No. You're sure? Yes, I came straight to you. Then there's just a chance. What are you Radio Come on, quick y. This way. Come on. He's dead, a right. You don't fee anything. What shou d I fee ? I' ca the captain. No! Now, isten carefu y. He is not dead. If you want that money, he's a ive. He's a ive! But everyone wi know. No one wi know. You go to the kitchen, get his breakfast, Whee it in yourse f, spend a few minutes here. No, Tony, I Radio You' te the boys he's tired, needs more s eep, Then come and join me in the sa oon. But don't forget to ock this door. Oh, Tony, I Radio We may sti be a right. A right? Yes. Smi e. Don't ook so distressed. What are we going to do? As I said, act as if he is sti a ive. How can we? We dock in another two hours. Then he' go ashore. The marriage, the trip, they've a exhaust him. He won't wish to see anyone. I wi register the wi in ondon. Then, he dies of a heart attack in his own home. But a doctor wi know! No, I wi send a doctor. A doctor who, for a fee, wi certify that he di at Foxhurst. How do we get him off the boat? You wi whee him in the chair. His car wi be at the dock. Oh, no. I can't do it. isten, he want you to have his money. If you want to carry out his wishes, you' go through with this. Now, go to his cabin. I' join you there. Remember, a ways keep the door ocked. Now, his c othes. His c othes, Maria. He's a ive, Maria. A ive. You're going to he p me get him off the ship? No, I wi be busy with the Customs. I can't do it a one. I can't! You don't have to. Thomas wi he p. He' know! He' know! Not if you keep your head. Just think what this means to us. It's just a short trip from the dock to the house. As soon as you get him in his room, ock the door. Don't et anybody in except the doctor. And I' get him to you just as fast as I can. A right? Just a drink, p ease. Now, everything just as I to d you, remember? Now, I don't want you to ta k, Char es. It's damp, there's a drizz e. Keep your scarf over your mouth. There, that's it. It's a right, Char es. I can do it. We ! You fee ing better, sir? Thank you, Captain. I don't want him to ta k. Everything is ready, madam. Thank you. Thank you. Everything a right, Unc e? I to d him not to ta k. I don't want the co d air to Radio Quite right. Get him in. Give me a cigarette, p ease. Do you have a match, John? Mr. Richmond wants to smoke and I have eft my ighter in my other jacket. Yes, sir. Here you are, Unc e. On y one, now. Mind what the doctor said. Thank you, John. Sir. He o, Baines. You know Mrs. Richmond. Yes, of course. We come home, madam. Mr. Richmond is i , I'm afraid. There is a fire it in his room, madam. Thank you. Oh, a ow me, madam. He's fa en as eep. Take him up carefu y. John, take me straight to ondon. Yes, sir. The office wi know where I can be reached. Over by the fire. Thank you, Baines. Sha I prepare unch, madam? ater perhaps if Mr. Richmond wakes up. Don't disturb us un ess I ring. Very good, madam. Mr. Anthony Richmond, p ease. When do you expect him? Te him Mrs. Char es Richmond ca ed. It's urgent. May I have the dinner tro ey, madam? Mr. Richmond's s eeping. I' ring if I ne anything. Very good, madam. Good morning, madam. Yes? What do you want? I've prepar breakfast. I'm not hungry. Perhaps Mr. Richmond wou d ike something. He is not we. Then et me send for the doctor, madam. I've a ready ca a doctor. I'm expecting him any minute. Show him up the moment he comes. Oh. It's not serious, I'm sure. He just needs rest. The chauffeur is waiting be ow. Sha I give him any orders?

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