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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Jox 94.5 FM Birmingham

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a very efficient document. Very c ear. You're eaving her your persona fortune. Sti not satisfied? I have doub your money, haven't I? Sti not enough? You want more? Everything? No. I am happy you found someone deserving at ast. Apart from the dogs' home, I mean. Ca the witnesses. Maria! Don't burn that ove y skin! They're on their way up. I sti think you're making a mistake. You think she marri me for my money? What do you think? et me astonish you, my dear boy. I never did think she marri me for my appea. But she ikes me. Nothing you can say can a ter that. She ikes me. Good morning, sir. Now then Radio Sign this. Both of you. Witness my signature. Why not wait a itt e, Unc e? I think it's a mistake, eaving everything to her so soon. You hard y know her. It's un ike you to be so impetuous. You sign. Now you, boy. A right, you can go back to the yacht. Never embarrass me ike that again, do you hear? Never again. Take that to the awyers as soon as we get home. Where is she going? She prefers to swim in the sea. I don't ike her going out a one. She is a strong swimmer. No, it's dangerous swimming a one in these waters. Go after her. Mmm! You on y just made it. You're much too va uab e to take such risks. So your husband thinks, anyway. He sent you to ook after me? Yes. And I have got news. He's done it. He's chang his wi. Just now? You mean it? Mmm! Despite my protests. Sign and witnessed. Oh! It's a yours. How wonderfu ! So we won, then. We , not quite. You see, I have to register the wi with the awyers When we get back to Eng and. But meanwhi e, you' ook after the o d man, won't you? I wou d anyway. Cutting that fishing ine yesterday was a masterstroke. Strange y enough, I was on y thinking of him. I was afraid he'd harm himse f. Before he chang the wi , you mean. Of course. I don't mean that at a. You rea y enjoy p aying Mrs. Richmond, don't you, Maria? That's what you wanted, isn't it? Charming. Now that she's got the o d boy's money, She's making a p ay for the young one. I to d you I'd be fair to both of you. He o, my dear. He o. Am I disturbing you? No, no. Sp endid transmission from Mi an. Just putting that bit onto tape. Something to do when I am a one. Can you te what that is? Beethoven? Yes, but what? What? You know I'm no good at guessing. Fide io. Oh, so fu of ife, vita ity! Story of a devot wife. Fide io. You know something, Maria? As a boy, a I want was to be a conductor. Being good at it, too. Authority. My father thought different y. Sent me around the wor d to buy. Bought what I ik and brought it home. Become a habit, buying what I ike. And I ike you, Char es. Very much. I be ieve you mean it. Yes, I do. Astonishing. Go to s eep now. We are home tomorrow. You must get a good night's rest. Nice to see you concern about me. I am concerned. It wi be good to be in Eng and again. Something about the country makes me more at ease than any other p ace. A ways has, since I was young. I am not sure why. Of course, I us to wa k then. Country roads. I want you to ike it there. Foxhurst's for you now. Best thing I've got out of a ong, empty, greedy ife. I don't want you to be one y there, as I have been. Enjoy your ife! Enjoy it! et it make you happy. I insist you are happy. Oh, Char es, how can you order peop e to be happy? But I am. Rea y, I am. There's your draft for whenever you wake. Now, don't just ie there. Take it and go off again. Whatever you say. You're my nurse. I am your wife. So you are, my dear. So you are. Maria. Something I meant to te you. I enjoy myse f these ast few weeks. More than I have in years. I am gratefu. Good night. Good morning, Thomas. You are up ear y, Miss. I mean, Mrs. Richmond. Yes, I cou dn't s eep. How ong before we dock? An hour and a ha f, maybe. I' see to Mr. Richmond's breakfast myse f. Morning, madam. et the coffee perc a itt e onger. Very b ack. Yes. Give him two eggs. Mmm-hmm. And cover the dish so the eggs stay warm. Yes, Mrs. Richmond. Mr. Richmond is so p eas to be getting to Eng and. I want him to have a rea Eng ish breakfast. Good morning, Char es. You can see Eng

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