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Saturday, September 3, 2016

93.7 FM Birmingham

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Why did you eave the yacht? That must be obvious. You're too sensitive. The boy was care ess. You near y ki him. And you took such p easure watching. Miss Marce o, there are certain things about a man, A sick man, an o d, broken man, Things even you as a nurse wou dn't understand, Or want to understand, I'm g ad to say, Why one becomes the way one is, Why one acts in a certain way. Afterwards, I admit, I fe t ashamed. Afterwards? Yes, afterwards. ook here, no good beating about. You know why I am here. What do you want to come back? Wou d it be too much to ask for an apo ogy? I' give you money. You tri that once before. So each time Radio Each time you don't ike what I do, say, I have to eat humb e pie? No! How can that possib y profit you? Perhaps there are things about a woman Which you don't fu y understand. Perhaps. You're an extraordinary woman. And beautifu. And I think, Hope, Kind. Are those comp iments instead of an apo ogy? You drive an excessive y hard bargain. I haven't apo ogiz since I was a itt e boy. My father drove a hard bargain, too. I apo ogize. Thank you. You come back. When I don't ne you anymore as a nurse Radio I' go somewhere e se, where I am needed. ook! ook at me. I want you to be honest with me. Do you find me repe ent? Depends on your moods. To see me ike this, in a chair, Doesn't it offend you? Not at a. My money? That offend you? On y when you use it to hurt others. I to d you, I wi come back to the yacht. Why do you torture yourse f with a these questions? Isn't it obvious? I want to find out what you rea y think of me. I haven't spoken to anyone ike this before in my ife. Then don't now, p ease. But I want to. Want you to marry me. What did you say? You think that wou d be impossib e? I want you to te me frank y. Why are you tremb ing? Excited? Afraid? You know, I'm afraid. Don't. It's bad for you. P ease answer me, Maria. I Radio I don't know what to say. How ong can I ast? Not too ong, eh? Even without cigars. We' go back to the yacht, sha we? With this ring, I thee wed. And with a my wor d y goods, I thee endow. I now pronounce you man and wife. Your unc e is a ucky o d devi , do you know that? Yes, she seems to make him happy. She rea y is quite ove y. But they do tend to age overnight. By the time she's Radio My dear! He shou d worry. ove y party. Congratu ations. Thank you. I think I' eave you to it, my dear. I can't stand the sight of these sharks gu ping my champagne. Oh, Char es, I' come with you. No, no, no. Wou dn't dream of it. Break up the party? Thomas, whee me off. Go on, enjoy yourse f. Oh, it's you. I didn't see you. Wea th suits you, Maria. You know, you were right to go to any engths to get it. You make it sound as though I'd committ a crime. He want me to marry him. I don't think he' regret it. I'm going to be fair with him. I hope that doesn't mean you're going to be unfair with me. Remember, ,,. I remember. You know you can trust me. You must be patient on my honeymoon. Marriage was just the first step, Maria. The rest wi a happen if I make him happy. A ready he is a different person. Didn't you see tonight? He wasn't rude once. I am rea y going to make him happy. Yes. And, uh, Where do I come in? Don't be foo ish. I wi be fair with you, too. Yes? Oh, excuse me, sir. Mr. Richmond sent a message about a fishing trip tomorrow. I have arrang a aunch for :. Thank you, Captain. Mrs. Richmond wi te him. Yes, sir. It's a right. I don't think he saw anything. There was nothing to see. No? Got one! What did I te you? Ooh! A monster! Give us some sport, this one. Ho d tight, Maria. I think we better give you a hand, sir. Yes, et us give you a hand, Unc e. Get away from me! You think I can't and my own catch? Do as he says. P ease, Char es, et him he p you. Don't want any he p. He's too strong for you, sir. Devi ! P ease, Char es, et it go. It's not worth it. It's a ways worth it. Big devi ! You et it get away. Why did you do that? You wou d have ki yourse f. We ? What do you think of it? Are you asking me as a re ative or as a secretary? You mean you disapprove? It's

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