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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Thunder 92.7 Talladega

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my ship! It's my ship! Get back to the whee house. I give the orders. My brother! My brother overboard! Man overboard! Man overboard! Out! Fish him out! Ho d her steady. He p! He p! He p me! Get that ife ine out! ine's out, sir! Where is he? et me see him. Hang on, Fenton! Hang on, boy! We got you. Hang on! I to d you we shou d have put into port. We , why didn't you? You're the master of the ship, aren't you? He does what I te him. Stop panicking. Get into port. What are you staring at? You enjoy it. You enjoy every moment, you monster. Get me be ow. Stop! Take him to my cabin. Now, rest. Go to s eep. He' be fine in the morning. You' et him stay here ti morning, Miss? It's more comfortab e than the servants' quarters. I' s eep in the sa oon. Thank you, Miss. Why do you work for him, Thomas? There's a big fami y back home. We send money. There are other ways of earning money. It's not just that. A my peop e work for Mr. Richmond in the copper mines. We have to do what he says. I don't. You're eaving us, Miss? Yes, as soon as we dock. And if you take my advice, you' eave, too. You and your brother. I guess we're greedy. Aren't we a ? Not you. I'm g ad you're going. For your sake. But it wi be worse without you. Good night, Miss. Good night. Ca amari! I'm ooking for somewhere to stay. A room. Have you got a room? On y for a night. No tourista here. No Radio No roomay. Hote ? Si, hote. Wi you take me? I give you some money. Senorita. Anyone here? I want a room, p ease. Okey-doke. Have passport? Yes. Right this way, p ease. Get up. Get up, get dressed. I'm not coming back. Get up. I'm not coming back, Tony. isten, you foo , you're back where you started. What are you going to do for the rest of your ife? P ay nursemaid forever? Scrub f oors, marry some waiter? Perhaps. We made a bargain. I can't keep it. I'm sorry. You' keep it. I found you, I choose you. Find someone e se. There are mi ions. I choose you! You! You, for what you are! Now, you're coming back. No. I'm free of him now. And free of me? Are you free of me? You're hurting my arm. You know what you're throwing away, what you're osing? Foxhurst, and a that goes with it. He goes with it. Richmond. Oh, not for ong. Too ong for me. I am sorry, Tony. It's finished. I go with it. Maria. Are we finished, too? I' wait for you downstairs in the truck. Goodbye, Tony. If he wants me back, he' have to come and get me. Himse f. Here, now, today. He won't come. He doesn't even know you eft the ship. Then te him. No, this isn't the way to p ay it, Maria. Not with Richmond. You want me to be hard? A right, get him here. I' be waiting. And if he doesn't come? Then it's over. Once and for a. We eave for Pa ma at dusk. Te the Captain. He's su king ike a schoo gir. And te Miss Marce o to come to her senses. We shan't wait for her. Miss Marce o? Miss Marce o has eft the ship. Rea y? She's probab y gone shopping. iar! You've just come from her, haven't you? Haven't you? Yes, I have. She won't come back. She' come back. She's b uffing. She' come back. I wou dn't count on it. What inducements did you offer? None. I kept remembering what she means to you. She means nothing to me, nothing at a. She's my nurse. We , in that case, there is no prob em. Come back here. I' get her for you, Unc e. You think that's a a woman wants? Don't you? You want her, but you can't get her. You think I cou dn't? You think if I rea y want her I cou dn't get her? I'm sure you cou dn't. No. No, she's ike the rest. Damn women. A they think about Radio No. To he with her. Te the Captain to weigh anchor As soon as they're through with the repairs. Now get out. Get out! Captain. Captain! Captain! Sir, we're ready to sai. We're not. I'm going ashore. What, right now, sir? Right now. Get one of the boys. And I' come with you, Unc e. You' stay where you are. One of the boys. I' take you, sir. Te him where she is. Yes? It's me, Miss. Thomas. Mr. Richmond is waiting for you downstairs. Miss, are you coming back? Sit down. A drink? It's hot. No, thank you. That damn truck. We then, what do you have to say for yourse f?

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