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Sunday, September 11, 2016

91.9 FM Birmingham

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of a month's ife. Trying to scare me, gir ? I'm not afraid of death. Persona y, I think you're a very brave man To squander the itt e capita you have eft. I don't rea y think your position gives you icense To insu t my unc e, Miss Marce o. I' get your things into the car. Send her packing, Unc e? When I ne your advice, dear boy, I' ask for it. There's a good dog, Ro o. Good dog. We , I've got everything here, Unc e. I hope so. Beethoven. Why are you sitting so far away, Miss Marce o? You forget I have my instructions, Mr. Richmond. isten to that. That ightness, grace, serenity. They thought of him as a boor, Beethoven. A gross, c umsy, vu gar oaf. No sense of humor, no socia graces. Kept peop e at arm's ength. You think of me as a monster, don't you? On y when you try to intimidate me. Peop e ike to be intimidated. Peop e fee comfort by strength. They comp ain, but they fee serene, somehow. She fe t serene with me. Your wife? She was devoted, Nata ie. Didn't think of me as a boor, Didn't think of me as a rich crank. No. Devoted. That was a ong time ago. I bui t this yacht for our honeymoon. You'd ca her o d-fashion now, I suppose. Somehow, I never fe t ike changing. I am boring you. Of course not. Different man then, of course. I was active. Not on y in the mind. Nata ie ov music, too. We gave wonderfu musica parties. On y use she had for money, music. The rest didn't interest her. They say she marri me in spite of my wea th. God a one knows what she saw in me. But she was devoted. A our years of marriage, she never once rais her voice to me. Never tri to whe e anything out of me. She was exceptiona. You were a ucky man. She di in great pain. A kind nature is no defense against sickness and death. So what's the point of it? He was te ing me about your mother. How she ik his strength after my father's weakness? How she ov him, despite his wea th? He was so sad when he ta k about her dying. Did he te you what he said the minute after she died? No. He said, "You gave me everything and took nothing." "You were a very stupid woman." et's not get sentimenta , sha we? Great improvement since you took over the catering, Miss Marce o. Thank you. Miss Marce o wi soon be capab e of taking over the ship. And what does that mean? Nothing, Unc e. Except that her nursing duties are far from heavy. Your ca to Hamburg, sir. Kramar. We , have you seen the minister? Damn the treaty! I know the c ause as we as he does! I thought you to d me a that had been c eared. We , does he want me to go direct to the Chance or? Do they want the p ant or don't they? If I don't get some action within hours, I wi take the who e project e sewhere. Get back to me. C ear that away. Take that chicken away. P ease eave the p ates where they are. You heard my unc e, Miss Marce o. You instruct me to ook after the catering, Mr. Richmond. I did indeed, Miss Marce o. But it so happens I abominate fow. I know. The chicken is for us. I made fish specia y for you. I must ask you not to argue with me, Miss Marce o, In front of the other servants. Te the cook he's sack as soon as we dock! It has nothing to do with him. I did the cooking. Rea y, sir! I wi not have my orders countermanded. Bring fish for my guests. And whi e you are up, Captain, put on some music. Tony. ock the door. Tony, I can't stand it. I can't. At times, he seems a most human, then sudden y he acts ike a maniac. Shh! And you, you encourage him! I have to fight both of you. It's just part of the game. Haven't you notic I'm a ways in the wrong? If I'm against you, he's for you. It's working sp endid y. Is it? For you, perhaps. Not for me. You took me for something I'm not, can never be. I took you for a woman. A woman who wants. You think money is a I want? The other things, you can have them, too. We can have them together. What the he 's he doing on deck? Fetch me a sou'wester. Go on, hurry. Right, sir. The captain wants you to et him turn back. Te him to go to he. If we don't get into port, I won't be responsib e. Damn it! Am I the on y one aboard with any guts? What are you worri about? The safety of

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